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Your Guide to Pressing and Framing Fall Foliage

People from all over the world plan trips to visit some of the most beautiful places for fall foliage, taking photos and an appreciation for the outdoor experience. While you can certainly frame your favorite photos of the leaves and trees, you can also go home with this natural artwork to preserve and frame instead.

How to Preserve Leaves

First, you need to choose the leaves you want to frame. Look around the forest floor to find your favorite leaves but if all the specimens on the ground are rotting or damaged you can opt to pick some from the trees. The leaves should be in good condition free from insect bites, curling or tears. Make sure you have something like a plastic container to store them inside while collecting to avoid unnecessary damages. After getting home, gently clean the leaves by removing any lingering moisture and brushing off any dirt.

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Methods for Pressing Leaves Flat

Use a Heavy Book

Make sure the leaves are completely dry and press them between a layer of paper or two to prevent damage to the book pages( newspaper works well). It is recommended you use an old book.

Iron with Wax Paper

Find a relatively dry leaf with less water and place it between two sheets of wax paper. Place a cloth on top of an ironing board and place the leaf on top of it. Put another cloth on top of the wax paper to prevent the wax from melting. Turn your iron to high and start slowly iron the top cloth. You will notice that the paper will become clearer when the wax paper has melted. Let it cool completely and then cut around the leaf leaving a small wax paper border to keep the leaf seal.

Methods to Preserve Fall Leaves For Framing

Use Glycerin

You can preserve the leaves with glycerin instead of drying them. This keeps them pliable instead of brittle which occurs when drying and pressing the leaves. However, the color of the leaves will be affected with yellow color doing the best while orange and red may turn brownish. Mix enough water and glycerin to submerge the leaves. Lay the leaves in a pan and pour the solution over them. Remove after the leaves feel supple or after four days.

Use Mod Podge

Firstly, press the leaves and brush the upper side of the pressed leaf with Mod Podge and wait until it drys. Turn the leaf and brush the remaining side and you will have perfectly preserved the leaf.

How to Frame Fall Leaves

Framing leaves offer an opportunity to get creative. Create a beautiful effect in which colors mix, by arranging red, orange, yellow, green, or your favorite combination. When framing fall foliage, wood frames are a great choice as their natural material complement the leaves. If you just want a temporary decor piece, the best way to frame leaves is by sandwiching them between two pieces of acrylic or glass. Generally, this is not recommended by many framers since putting artwork in direct contact with any surface can damage it. The alternate method is to stick the leaves onto the rear glazing and then detach the upper glazing by use of spacers. You can use a small strip of acid-free tape to help keep everything in place.

Conclusively, if you have any project regarding framing leaves and you are wondering where to start don’t worry anymore as you can get affordable, and creative framing with professional results. At Baboo Digital they provide quality custom leaf framing with exceptional style that suits every client’s budget and taste.

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