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Your Digital Prints can be the Perfect Non-Traditional Gift

February 11, 2019 4:36 pm

Now that the holidays are over, what do you intend to do with the beautiful pictures you took? Let them languish on your SIM card? Save them on the cloud and look at them again sometime in the future? Why not turn them into a non-traditional Valentines Day gifts for the people you love?

The Cloud = Photo Wasteland

75 percent of all pictures are taken on some kind of phone totaling more than 1.3 trillion photos every year. Few of these images will ever make it to the physical world, instead of being relegated to the digital realm and largely forgotten. While digital storage has revolutionized the way to think about how to preserve our most precious memories, it also prevents us from viewing our favorite images on a regular basis.

No Ordinary Digital Printing

Digital printing has come a long way from the grainy, pixelated images you pulled from cameras that relied on 3.5-inch floppy disks for storage. Today’s digital photos are vibrant, rich and nuanced. Your images can also be printed in a variety of ways that turn them into beautiful, non-traditional gifts.

  • Metal Prints – Saturated graphics and images have a unique brushed texture finish when they are printed using high definition ink and adhered to an aluminum sheet. Metal photo prints use a dye sublimation process that turns dye in transfer paper into gas that infuses into the aluminum substrate. The result is a stunning archival quality print that lasts more than 100 years before showing any signs of fading or aging.
  • Plexiglas Mounting – There are some photos that are too beautiful to be surrounded by a distracting frame. That is where Plexiglas mounting comes in. HD digital photos are mounted in Plexiglas to give them the appearance of “floating” on the wall. Perfect for that photo collage from your last vacation or the family picture you took at the reunion, Plexiglas mounting offers a sleek way to display precious memories.
  • Giclee Canvas Prints – Turning your photo into a gallery canvas print is a process that should never be left to amateur printers. Unlike inexpensive competitors, archival quality canvas does not yellow over time. The images printed using giclee canvas printing methods do not fade and are suitable for display. Your epic shot from the top of the ski slope would make a great gift for your best friend who was standing beside you.

Forget the roses and chocolates. You don’t need to look any further than your own digital images to find the perfect non-traditional Valentines day gifts your loved ones will enjoy for decades to come. Baboo Digital’s unbeatable printing quality can help. Get a quote today for your digital printing project.