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What is “Wall Art” and Why Do You Need It?

April 23, 2018 8:00 am

Whether you have a stash of original art pieces or flash drives filled with precious photographs, eventually you’re going to want to see your images. Turning your images into wall art is the perfect solution to getting your art visible in your home.

What is Wall Art?

Unlike photo albums or standing frames, wall art is art that is meant to adorn your walls, make a statement, and add value and interest to the room in which it hangs. Wall art is decor, but it is also very personalized to you and your tastes.

Wall Art Products

The type of wall art that is chosen for homes or offices is as important as the art piece itself. The medium on which the art is printed adds to the overall appearance, and we offer many types of products to fit your needs.

Digital photographic prints

Choosing photo paper for printed images is a popular choice for displaying art and photographs. Photo paper must be properly mounted before it can be hung, and a traditional frame is the most popular way to do so.


Wall art mounted on canvas evokes the feeling of leisurely walking through an art museum. After all, many (if not most) of the pieces in a museum are painted onto canvas. This is an exceptionally good choice for reprints of original paintings as the canvas can bring out that “real painting” feel. Additionally, canvas is growing in popularity with photographers who offer “painterly” edits to their images.

Canvas is a solid choice as it very durable, resists yellowing, and lasts for generations.

Metal Prints

Is your home decorated with a modern twist? If so, metal prints are the finishing touch to your walls. As the canvas prints, metal prints are archival.



The way your art piece is framed affects the overall statement of your wall art. We offer several types of framing including:

Gallery Plexiglas mount

Mounting an art piece on Plexiglas elicits a modern feel. Plexiglas mounts are ideal for art rich in detail and vivid colors. To create this look, metallic photo paper is mounted to the highest quality of Plexiglas.

Why Do You Need Wall Art in Your Home?

  • Visibility: How often do you take out an old flash drive and look at your favorite piece of art or photograph? Hanging wall art ensures that your best pieces are seen, admired, and most importantly cherished.
  • Self-esteem boost: Studies show that children who grow up in homes where family portraits are displayed have higher self-esteem than children who grow up in homes without family portraits displayed.
  • Aesthetics: As humans, we are intimately connected to art. Hanging wall art allows us to fulfill the human desire to create art and see art.
  • Wall art adds to the conversation: What is the mood of your workplace or home? Art can help convey messages that a blank wall simply cannot. For instance, a doctor’s office may choose to have cheery art displayed to convey a friendly atmosphere to patients.

Are You Ready to Bring Wall Art into Your Home?

Do you know which products you’d like to use for your wall art? Do you have questions about which mounting option is right for you? Let us help you; contact us today!