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Various Ways to Frame Your Artwork

Framing your artwork is crucial as it can help increase its appeal. As such, it’s vital that you choose the best framing option for you. There are various ways to frame your art, and you can find out about them all, down below:

Traditional Frames With Mat

This framing option is an absolute classic. It makes any artwork appear more sophisticated and elegant. The matte is the border that goes around your piece of art. It’s available in all sorts of colors, depending on your personal preference. Picking the right colored matte can make a huge difference to the look of your artwork. It can help accentuate colors and highlight certain aspects. As a result, your work is enhanced and masterful. Classic frames are also available in different colors and textures. Again, the right choice can help give your artwork increased visual appeal.


If you’re looking for a modern framing option, then shadowboxes are the way forward. The cases are glass at the front, and can hold three-dimensional objects. They’re unique and differ from traditional frames. This framing option is better for artwork that isn’t a picture or photograph. It’s a great way to preserve items in an innovative display.

Float Frames

As the name suggests, this framing can make your artwork look like it’s floating. This is different from traditional frames that make your art feel enclosed within the frame. Many artists like this idea because it makes their gallery feel ultra-modern.

Metal Frames

Metal frames come in a variety of different tones, from gold to pewter. They make your artwork seem more contemporary and valuable. There’s no matte involved and no float effect either, just a typical frame made from metal. It’s perfect for home displays and modern art galleries.


Although the name seems somewhat similar, lightboxes are nothing like shadowboxes. They differ from other framing options because they have a backlight. This helps make pieces stand out and look unique. Primarily, this framing is used in advertising, but some people like to use it for interesting visual art displays.

LED Lightboxes

Similar to lightboxes, only thinner and more energy-efficient. The use of LED lights is what makes the difference here. Typically, normal lightboxes use fluorescent tubes. The LED lights increase the quality of the encased piece. There’s a cinematic feel to things; it brings your artwork to life! You see these in lots of modern art galleries when artists want to make a statement.

And, there you have it, six different ways to frame your artwork. Each of these options is going to be good; there’s no wrong choice. Your decision should be based on what you need framing for. If you have three-dimensional objects, then shadowboxes are the only option for you. Want to hang art in your home? Then the first and third options are probably best suited for you. For any artists with a gallery, all of these options will do! All you have to remember is that different frames complement different pieces.

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