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Using Colors for Effective Print Marketing

June 19, 2017 8:00 am

A significant factor in the success of the print marketing campaign for your company will depend on how you use color. The effective use of color schemes is necessary to produce print material that is reflective of your company’s personality, can enhance the message of your brand and can attract your desired customers. The psychology behind colors can be used to incite certain emotions from your audience and can prompt certain behaviors. You should think of color as one of the tools needed to meet the needs of your print marketing plan. Consider how some of these basic colors can be used:


The color blue routinely evokes a sense of calmness as well as trustworthiness and may be ideal for companies that provide financial, technological or political services. Audiences also tend to associate the color with being secure. However, it can indicate somber feelings as well, such as unhappiness or grief, so take care how you use it in your print materials. It is also important to note that blue can commonly be associated with maleness.


Red is a color that grabs attention and suggests power. It can also elicit strong emotional reactions, particularly if it is paired with certain colors, so it should be used carefully in order avoid overwhelming your target audience. It is ideal for an accent color, such as in borders and logos, and can be used to draw your audience to the portions of your advertisement that you want to ensure that they will notice, such as contact information and headlines. Companies that operate in the entertainment, restaurant, health or retail industries may consider making integrating red into their print marketing.


Yellow is warm, energetic and can promote friendliness. Depending on the tone and shade of yellow that is used, it can be overwhelming. Also, if the shade of yellow is too dark, it can present a distinctly unfriendly effect. Yellow is the perfect complement to purple, green and orange and is effective as an accent. It can be beneficial for companies that produce clothing and toys for children or provide food or automotive services.


Black tends to exude authority, tradition, and respect, but it can also allude to fear, drama and depression. It is capable of drawing attention to other colors and is perfect for print materials that feature a significant amount of text, including brochures and business cards. It can also be incorporated into almost any style of print design. Black is an ideal color for print materials for attorneys, accountants and traditional corporate organizations.


Like the color black, white is also a very traditional color. It is often used to symbolize freshness and sterility. Its ability to mute the intensity of other colors makes it the perfect complement to almost any other color. It is fool-proof as a background color and is commonly used for print materials that pertain to the medical, dental and wedding industries.

Choosing the right colors for your company’s print materials can be a form of art. Let Baboo Digital create the highest quality prints for your marketing needs.