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The Benefits of Ultra Non-Glare Plexiglas and When to Use This Mounting Option

March 19, 2018 8:00 am

When mounting a photograph or work of art, there is a seemingly endless shortage of mounting options. If you are trying to decide on a mounting option, you may have questions about the ultra non-glare Plexiglas.

What is Ultra Non-Glare Plexiglas?

We offer three types of Plexiglass mounting:

  • Glossy Plexiglass
  • Matte Plexiglass
  • Ultra non-glare Plexiglas

Regardless of which type of Plexiglas mount you select, your image is viewed through a piece of clear Plexiglas. The glossy Plexiglas is available in varying thicknesses (1/8”, ¼,” and 3/8” thick), but the matte and ultra non-glare are only available in 1/8” thick.

Benefits of Ultra Non-Glare Plexiglas

When researching various mounting options, be sure to look into the benefits of each mounting options. In addition to revealing intense colors, the ultra non-glare Plexiglas offers the following benefits:

  • Protection from dirt
  • Protection from scratches
  • Shields your piece from the effects of aging
  • Elimination of light reflecting off of your piece
  • Lightweight especially when compared to traditional museum glass
  • Comparable to museum glass: Due to its anti-reflective surface, a Plexiglas mount can filter anywhere from 50-75% of damaging UV rays, which can extend the life of your artwork.

When should I use Ultra Non-Glare Plexiglas?

Of course, a Plexiglas mount may be used in multiple circumstances, but there are some instances in which the Plexiglas mount is optimal.

  • Your image features vivid colors: The beauty of the Plexiglas mount is that brilliant colors are not dulled or weakened.
  • Your piece is displayed in a sunny room: During certain times of the day, bright sunlight can bounce off glass frames, causing distracting light reflections. The ultra non-glare Plexiglass mount greatly reduces this distracting light glare.
  • You know you will not be using a traditional glass frame: Without the glass to protect the artwork or photograph, your piece is at risk of dirt damage as well as scratches. The Plexiglas will protect your image.
  • You will be moving your pieces a lot: Are you planning on displaying your pieces in multiples shows or galleries? If so, Plexiglass may ideal for you as it does not carry the high risk of breaking as traditional glass does.
  • Your photograph is rich in detail: A Plexiglas mount is ideal for highlighting the clarity and richness of prints.

What kind of paper should I use to print my photographs?

Our most popular paper option used with the ultra non-glare Plexiglas mount is the Kodak Metallic paper.

How can I frame a photograph mounted on Plexiglass?

It might seem redundant to use a traditional frame and mat after you’ve mounted a piece on Plexiglas. A float frame would be ideal for this mounting combination. In fact, neither the piece itself nor the print covered with a mat or any glass.

I want to try the ultra non-glare Plexiglas mount; now what?

If you have the perfect project for Plexiglas mount, let us know about your project, and we will get a quote for you.