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Turn Photos & Artwork Into Centerpieces With Plexiglas Mountings

April 28, 2016 8:00 am

Art and images are visual ways to describe an emotion or action. And photographs are perfect for capturing memories. They might look great on a camera or computer screen. But, when you print images out, they can sometimes seem a bit lackluster.

There’s also the worry that any images or photos you print could get dirty, damaged or faded over time. Imagine if there was some way to make any artwork or photographs come alive? And what if it was possible to keep them looking great all the time?

The good news is that it’s possible to transform any images into stunning centerpieces. How? Through the wonder of Baboo Digital’s Plexiglas products, of course!

You might not know it, but you’ll come across Plexiglas on a frequent basis. It’s a versatile plastic that gets used in a variety of applications. The monitor you’re looking at now may well contain Plexiglas!

It’s also a product that helps to enhance artwork, photographs, and other imagery. Baboo Digital offer a selection of Plexiglas mountings to suit your needs:

Clear (Glossy) Plexiglas Mounting

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a favorite photo of your cat or some striking artwork. You will want to make sure that your print gets protected from the effects of aging. Plus, you want to prevent it getting ruined by dirt or scratches.

A clear glossy Plexiglas mounting from Baboo will do just that. Now your images can look vibrant all the time! You can get Plexiglas in thickness ranging from 1/8-inch through to 3/8-inch.

Non-Glare (Matte) Plexiglas Mounting

Let’s say that you have some artwork, photos or graphics you want to hang up. What if there’s a natural light source that shines on the wall where you want to put them?

That’s no problem because Baboo Digital can provide a non-glare matte Plexiglas mounting! It comes in a 1/8-inch thick mounting size. The beauty of this product is it will make any colors have a sharp and dynamic brilliance. And you can enjoy them without needing to squint because of reflections!

Ultra Non-Glare Plexiglas Mounting

Are you lucky enough to live somewhere that is mostly sunny throughout the year? If so, one thing might bug you is how bright the sun shines into your rooms!

Natural sunlight is perfect for brightening up any room. But it’s not so good if you want to enjoy some wall art or photographs. Baboo’s ultra non-glare Plexiglas mounting is the perfect product for you.

With a 1/8-inch thick mount, you can enjoy any photos or images without reflection or glare. Many of our customers combine the mounting with Kodak Metallic paper.

Plexiglas Blocks

Fancy giving your images a three-dimensional effect? If so, you should try Baboo’s Plexiglas blocks! The sides and top of each block act as mirrors. They refract the light, creating a cool 3D effect.

We print all images on high-quality photo paper when used with Plexiglas blocks. You can get them in a plethora of sizes. So, if you wanted a free-standing display or small wall art, you’ve got plenty of choices.