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Transform your Artwork into a Stunning Masterpiece with Giclee Printing

November 14, 2016 2:12 pm

Giclee (pronounced Zee-clay) is a form of printing artwork that allows artists and hobbyists to showcase their original art in its finest form. Giclee is the most technologically advanced form of art printing available today. With Giclee printing, you can transform your artwork into a stunning masterpiece to be enjoyed by you, your friends and family, or the public at large.

What Kinds of Original Artwork are Suitable for Giclee Printing?

Because the Giclee printing process utilizes such high-resolution printing and high-quality materials, almost all original artwork can be showcased in a superior manner with Giclee. Whether your preferred painting medium is oil, acrylics or watercolor, Giclee printing can successfully translate the original look and feel of your artwork. Giclee is also suitable for photographic images. When you have a unique graphic image that you would like to save and display, a quality Giclee printing company can provide that service for you. Due to the high-quality results from Giclee printing, it’s fast becoming the most sought after forms of photographic printing.

How Does Giclee Printing Differ From Other Forms of Printing?

Giclee printing is exceptional for many reasons. For starters, the visual results from printing with Giclee versus older forms such as lithography are remarkably higher quality. When people see a stunning piece of art— whether a painting or a photograph—that was printed using the Giclee process, it’s as if they are viewing the original artwork itself. There is a depth to the artwork that was previously impossible to create using traditional printing methods. While Giclee is technically a form of inkjet printing, the differences in materials and process result in a stunning piece of artwork that is nearly identical to the original work of art.

Why is the Giclee Printing Process so Different?

The difference in Giclee printing begins with the paper. Quality Giclee printing companies such as Baboo Printers in New York City, use archival paper exclusively. Archival paper is a specially formulate paper that is made to withstand the general rigors of aging, specifically light. Archival paper is acid-free, lignin-free, and either 100% cotton or an alpha-cellulose. Alpha-cellulose paper has longer fibers than 100% cotton paper and has undergone an additional chemical process. Archival paper doesn’t yellow with age like regular paper and can last upwards of 200 years without showing signs of age.

The Giclee printing process is also different because it uses pigments instead of dyes to transport the color to the paper. Pigment colors are water-insoluble, meaning they won’t run like dye-based colors can. Pigment colors bond and sits on the surface of the paper, whereas dye-based color is absorbed into the paper. Pigments create a richer, more vibrant color. A Giclee printer uses between 10 and 12 pigments to reproduce the artwork, which results in an output that is truer to the original piece. Pigments are more lightfast than dyes, which enhances a Giclee print’s immunity to color change due to light exposure over time. A quality Giclee printing company uses pigment brands such as Epson’s UltraChrome K3, and Canon’s LUCIA line of pigments.

How Can You Transform Your Artwork Into a Giclee Print?

Many different printing companies claim to offer Giclee printing in NYC, but you want to choose one with experience and expert craftsmanship such as Baboo Digital. At Baboo, transforming your artwork into a Giclee print is simple. Just upload your digital file from the website. You can upload any of several file formats, as long as it is 2 gigabytes or less. A quality craftsman will then print as few as one or as many copies as you like of your original artwork. You can then receive the artwork on stretched canvas or as a print on archival paper. The process couldn’t be simpler.

To find out more about Giclee printing in NYC and how you can use this printing process to share your original artwork, contact us today.

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