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Top 6 Incredible Benefits Of Metal Prints

July 30, 2016 8:00 am

Some people assume that they can only get text, graphics, and photos printed onto paper and vinyl.However, one can create stunning art backdrops with metal printing! Here at Baboo Digital, we offer an HD metal printing service. So, how does it work?

All artwork first gets printed onto transfer paper. This then gets attached to a coated aluminum sheet. Next, the transfer paper and aluminum get placed into a heat press. Doing so allows the dyes from the transfer paper to convert into a gas.

Once that process occurs, the gaseous dyes get pressed onto the surface of the aluminum sheet. As the metal begins to cool, the dyes return to their solid state. The result? A permanent infusion of your text and graphics onto metal!

HD Metal Prints are becoming more commonplace. Here are six benefits of using Baboo Digital’s metal photo printing service:

1. It takes a long time before images start to fade

We all know that graphics and text can fade on paper if exposed to the sun for a consistent period. One of the advantages of HD metal photo printing is the longer delay before that happens. In fact, the fading process only begins after 100 years of sunlight exposure!

2. HD Metal Prints are scratch-resistant

During the transfer process, the dyes get transferred beneath the aluminum’s exterior coating (sublimation). It ensures the finished product is more durable than conventional paper and canvas prints. What’s more, the printed graphics and text cannot get scratched or peeled off. If you want a durable, long-lasting image, HD metal prints are your best option!

3. Metal prints can look as modern or traditional as you wish

The bonus of HD metal prints onto aluminum is that you can place them in conventional frames. That means they will look “in place” with other artwork hung on your walls. Of course, you could go for the more modern look and suspend them using floating wall hooks!

4. They hold up against heat

If a fire were to occur in your premises, it could have devastating consequences. The beauty of HD metal prints from Baboo Digital is they are fire retardant. And even if you’re in an area where there is often high temperatures, they won’t get damaged by the heat. That makes them an ideal printing format for a variety of high-heat applications!

5. You can clean them

The trouble with cleaning some printed surfaces is you end up wiping off text and graphics too! The good news is that you won’t have to worry about this problem with aluminum. You can easily clean fingerprint marks and other stains from the surface. Because the dyes are underneath the surface coating, you won’t erase anything.

6. They are light

One of the things people worry about is hanging heavy art on their walls. They fear the wall can’t bear such heavy loads. As a result, some people don’t hang their favorite art on their walls.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal. That means you can enjoy looking at your wall art without fear of it falling down! Contact Baboo Digital today to find out how we can create stunning metal prints for you.