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Top 5 Benefits of Giclee Printing

July 20, 2016 11:16 am

Giclee printing is a term used to describe a form of digital or inkjet printing. It’s a great way for artists to create and sell art and is advantageous for several reasons. In today’s post, we’re going to reveal some of the best benefits of using giclee printing processes. Let’s get started right away.


First of all, giclee printing tends to hold its colors for far longer than standard prints. In fact, giclee prints are thought to last up to two hundred years before starting to fade. In other words, they are museum-quality prints that are built to last. So, if you would like to create a bit of history for future generations of your family, giclee prints are going to be the best thing for it. Think about the family photos you might see from before you were born. With giclee printing, you won’t have to worry about fading or discoloration at all.


The quality of a giclee print is far higher than standard printing services such as litho prints. You don’t get that horrendous and jarring dot structures that break up the look of a piece of work. And, however, many prints you make, it will always reproduce the original faithfully. If you have a great shot that you feel you want to print, try giclee, and it will be a perfect replication.


Make no mistake about it; giclee prints are about as accurate as the printing process gets with current technology. There is no issue with the ‘photocopy of a photocopy’ that plagues other printing methods, and the results are stunning. It’s why many artists use giclee to sell their work – the copies can be just as good as the originals. It’s also worth pointing out that the reproductions look just as good on other materials. You can use giclee print onto canvas, for example – sometimes with incredible results.


As mentioned above, copies created with giclee printing are just as good as the originals. So, artists and photographers can reproduce them on demand and sell them as many times as they like. They can even make minor changes to each print, to give it, even more, authenticity and exclusivity. You could do a limited edition numbered run, for example, which can often tempt your customers into making a purchase. It’s a cost effective way of getting art out there, and there will be no concerns about diminishing the quality of your work

Perfect for Portfolios

If you are an artist or photographer, an excellent physical collection is essential. Giclee printing means you won’t have to carry around your original work and risk damage. Instead, you can keep a few high-quality giclee prints for taking in your portfolio and keep your originals at home, in a safe place.

OK, so there you have it – the top five benefits of using giclee printing. If you are an artist or just want a higher quality of print, the giclee method might just be your perfect option. Give it a try and see how you get on!

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