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Tips to Improve Your Romantic Photography

February 5, 2016 12:19 pm

Valentine’s Day will be here faster than many people are prepared for and it’s time to take advantage of the romance in the air with some great photography. Taking romantic photos doesn’t always involve capturing images that make people blush, but it does require setting the right atmosphere and focusing on certain details. Romantic images can be both tasteful and refined and by following some helpful tips, you can create images that celebrate the beauty of love year round and not just on a single day.

Low lighting

Having the right light is a major factor for creating romantic images. Keeping the scene a bit darker than what’s normal for portrait photography creates the right mood and atmosphere. You can use lights on a dimmer or candles for inside and the colors of sunrise or sunset for outdoor photography to capture an elegant glow. Using lights or gels with pink, orange or red helps soften the light in the shot too. Whether you’re shooting outside or inside, use the lighting to backlight the scene or subject to enhance the romance of the images.

Romantic Dinner by Hannah Webb

Photo by Hannah Webb

Slower shutter speed

The lower light talked about above requires a slower shutter speed or longer exposure. Experiment with slower shutter speeds until you find the right setting for the shot and keep your camera steady and stable on a tripod to avoid blur and shake in photos.

Depth of field

For a unique, romantic shot, use a shallow depth of field to keep your subject in focus while the background remains blurred. Focusing on a close subject such as a flower while a happy couple remains blurred but discernible in the background can be surprisingly romantic.

The right props

Every couple is different, so have props handy or set up that reflect what their idea of love and romance includes. Some couples life white lace, red velvet, roses, fake diamonds and heart-shaped candy boxes while others prefer a piano, harp or something more whimsical and representative of their unique love like freshly baked cookies. Find out what your subject loves and incorporate it into the shoot to make it truly enjoyable for them.

rose and cookies by Lali Masriera

Photo by Lali Masriera

Have fun

A stressed out, angry or upset photography is far from romantic so make sure to relax, stay calm and have fun during the shoot. Romance isn’t supposed to be a somber subject and if you’re not happy, your subjects will feel it and it can hinder the mood. Always go into the shoot with an open mind and remember to roll with the changes.

Romantic images can capture the perfect moment and sometimes these moments aren’t what you planned. Regardless, when you prepare with the above tips and set the mood right, you have a great chance at capturing the essence of romance. Professional, unique printing and mounting options from Baboo Digital add the ideal final touch to your romantic images and can really wow your clients.

Featured image by Yu Tung Brian Chan