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Tips to Help People Relax During Photo Shoots

July 6, 2015 2:54 pm

During a photo shoot with people, it’s common for the subjects to feel unsure and awkward, which can lead to some overly formal-looking portraits. By helping people feel more confident, enjoy themselves and relax during photo shoots, you can achieve great shots that make everyone happy.

Get to know them

Even if you don’t meet your clients until the day of the shoot, you can still take the time to get to know them. Ask them about their day, what their plans are and if kids are at the shoot, what fun activities they like. As they start talking and sharing experiences, they become more relaxed and comfortable around you.

Understand the power of a compliment

When your clients have taken the time to dress up for their shoot, paying them a compliment has a powerful effect on their personality and demeanor. Giving them positive feedback on their appearance boosts their confidence, helps them relax and comes across in the photographs as more natural-looking.

Give specific instructions

Unless your clients are professional models (and even if they are), make sure to give them specific instructions on what to do with their head, hands, feet and other areas. You may need to guide them to a specific spot, move their arms a certain way and suggest different movements to help them appear relaxed and to achieve great pictures.

Let them see some images

If your clients still appear stiff and uncomfortable in shots, let them see some of the images you’ve already shot so they realize that they look great. As soon as they see how amazing they look and how each pose works for them, they’ll undoubtedly smile, feel happier and finally relax.

Shoot some candids

When clients request formal family portraits, you need to deliver, but try suggesting some candid shots too as a way of showing their more relaxed, fun side. You can suggest that they fake laugh, sing, dance, play or whatever else that you think they’d enjoy. Candid action shots break out of the formal poses and most clients love the results.

Your job as a photographer is to provide clients with images they’ll cherish and be proud to show their friends and family. In order to do that, you need some proven tricks that help them relax and feel more comfortable with the experience. Once you’ve captured a full set of great shots, really wow your clients by utilizing Baboo Digital’s professional printing services.

Featured image by Dana