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The Weirdest (or lesser known) Places to Photograph in NY

May 12, 2014 11:31 am

Previously, we wrote a post about some must-shoot places in NYC—places that are pretty well known. Here, we bring you the weird places—the places to photograph that aren’t in your NYC travel guides!!

North Brothers Island

North Brothers Island


The North Brothers Island is on the East River that has a murky history. This is the site of Riverside Hospital that once treated people with quarantine diseases such as smallpox and Tuberculosis. North Brothers Island is also the home of Typhoid Mary. She lived here the last two decades of her life.

North Brothers Island is now a bird sanctuary. However, the remains of the hospital and other buildings have rooms there that are perfectly intact.

Hart Island

Hart Island


At Hart Island, you will find the largest publicly-funded cemetery in the world that has over eight hundred thousand bodies buried there. It has been considered a prisoner of war camp and a women’s asylum. Bodies started to be buried there during the American Civil War.

At Hart Island, you will be able to photograph the remains of the original Chapel, the prisoner camp, and the asylum.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center


This is a banded psychiatric hospital on Long Island that treated hundreds to thousands of patients from 1885 all the way to 1996. Kings Park Psychiatric Center is now a state park for people to visit. It is said to be haunted with paranormal activity.

Tug Boat Grave Yard

tug boat graveyard

This is where you can find the final resting place of about two dozen rotting tugboats. The tugboats here are dated back to the early twentieth century. This is an awesome spot for those of you who love maritime history.

Dead Horse Bay

dead horse bay


This is a horse rendering plant that turned into a landfill. It is now a place for people to go and find all kinds of wonderful treasures from the past centuries, from the eighteen-fifties all the way to the nineteen thirties. This was the place that people brought dead horses and many other animals to make things such as fertilizer and glue.

The reason to visit here and use your photography skills is that you will find treasures from generations past. You will also find things to photograph such as bones from the animals that were put here after they died.

Pretty. Freakin’. Cool.

Now go out and SHOOT!!!