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The Right Camera for Your Next Vacation

June 18, 2015 1:38 pm

While your smartphone may work fine for photographs on a casual, daily basis, when you’re heading somewhere interesting and/or exotic on vacation, it’s time to break out a real camera. Traditional cameras come in a range of vacation-friendly styles including rugged models that hold up to sand and water and high-zoom models that enable you to capture the details of distant landmark without dragging unwilling family members all the way to it. With many of today’s high-tech cameras featuring built-in Wi-Fi, sharing your travel pictures during your vacation is easier than ever.

The type of vacation and travel you’re venturing out on is the main determining factor on the style of camera you choose, but if you’re trying to travel light, choose a camera that can cover almost everything or one specifically suited for the activities you plan on doing. Whether you want to immortalize amazing sunsets in still images or capture action video of watersports, you can find the perfect camera for the task that fits nicely in your luggage and in your budget.

Capture action

Action camcorders are great for travel and vacations because they’re lightweight, durable and small. With all the recent innovations from manufacturers including GoPro and Sony, you can capture awesome full HD 1080 video with the added bonus of the ability to snap high-resolution photos. Action camcorders help you snag more of the view with their wide-angle lenses and you can easily share photos via your smartphone with their built-in Wi-Fi. All of those capabilities contained in a housing that withstands abuse well make action camcorders ideal for vacation.

Go rugged

Similar to action camcorders are rugged point-and-shoot camera models that focus on quality photo capabilities before video aspects. The bodies of rugged cameras have a design built to withstand elements and abuse without the special housing found on action camcorders. The crush-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and freeze-proof aspects of rugged cameras make them ideal for a variety of vacation destinations and activities. Many models feature underwater shoot modes perfect for pool and beachside. Easy to use models include the Olympus Tough TG-860 or Fujifilm’s FinePix XP80 that can double as an action camcorder. For a waterproof, shockproof, mirrorless (and slightly more expensive) camera, check out Nikon’s AW1 that has the performance of a larger camera and different lens choices not found on traditional rugged point-and-shoot cameras.

Zoom it up

The megazoom point-and-shoot camera, also known as a bridge camera, has a long zoom lens for capturing better distance shots. Some models of megazoom cameras are compact and some have a body similar to a DSLR camera. Megazoom cameras are appealing because they offer a long zoom lens without having to advance to a camera with an interchangeable lens. Good choices for megazoom cameras are Canon’s PowerShot SX700 or SX710 HS that feature 30x optical zoom, compact size and quality image stabilization. A more affordable option is the FinePixS9900W from Fujifilm with 50x zoom lens, DSLR-like controls and built-in Wi-Fi.

Mirror-free multifunction

With interchangeable lenses similar to DSLRs on several models, mirrorless cameras are a smaller, lighter alternative to DSLRs. Although past mirrorless cameras couldn’t compete with DSLRs, the latest models have better performance and capabilities. If you want an interchangeable lens camera that’s lightweight and small with high-quality pictures and performance, try the Micro Four Thirds. Other good options for mirrorless travel cameras include the Lumix G7, Samsung NX500, Sony Alpha A6000 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

Pocket power

The smartphone hasn’t totally phased out the usefulness of pocketsize cameras because they offer more advanced features than most smartphones. For amazing performance in a small size, try the PowerShot G7 X from Canon or Sony’s Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III. Although these pocket size cameras have a higher price tag than some other travel cameras, they offer power than can make it worth the investment.

Capturing every moment of your vacation escapades is easy with the right camera and digital printing from Baboo Digital brings out every detail to help preserve the memories for a lifetime.


Featured image by Davide Ciriello