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Shadow Box Frame NYC: Buy Them at Baboo

October 30, 2013 3:42 pm

Looking to buy shadow box frames in NYC?

Well, you should be, because they’re kind of awesome.

What are shadow box frames?

With most frames, the picture touches the glass in front. With shadow box frames, on the other hand, the glass and picture do not come in contact because the glass is separated from the picture with a spacer.

With most frames, there is a matte border surrounding the picture. With shadow box frames, there is no matte border.

With most frames, you can only frame a flat picture. With shadow box frames, it doesn’t even have to BE a picture!! Have you ever seen a framed football jersey or military medal? Most likely a shadow box frame! There are endless possibilities of what you can get framed in a Shadow Box frame. Imagine your really valuable signed Jersey by recently retired Yankee, Andy Pettitte, which is just hanging in your closet collecting dust, immaculately framed in a shadow framed box. Well…you can! Just look below!

Here’s what they look like:

a NY yankee jersey in a shadow box frame Photo Credit: Fast Frame in Denver


So, if you have something you want to be framed, but conventional frames won’t cut it, shadow box frames might be the answer.

You can get shadow box frames made in NYC from Baboo Digital.



Looking forward to talking about your project!!