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Rule of Thirds: Examples

December 10, 2013 1:49 pm

Rule of thirds examples is an excellent way to learn the rule of thirds.

Creating an interesting image for your audience is obviously important, and one of the ways to ensure you’re on the right track is to use the rule of thirds.

Photos should be divided into thirds, with two imaginary lines both horizontally and vertically placed over your scene. The result is three columns and three rows on the image.

Like this:

picture showing the rule of threes

Adorable, right?

If you place the important subjects on the lines, or where the lines intersect, you’ll most likely have a more interesting image. This is instead of placing the important subjects in the center square. The photo of the dog above is a good example.

When shooting landscapes, the horizon should usually not be in the center. Instead, try placing it in either the top or bottom third of the photo. Additionally, try placing any objects off to a side, instead of directly in the center.

For example:

picture showing the rule of thirds with a landscape


So, that’s the rule of thirds!! And those are some rule of thirds examples.