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Retail Signage NYC: Buy Store Signs from a Professional

October 17, 2013 5:07 pm

A one-stop-printing-shop in  NYC, Baboo digital is your source for the highest quality retail signage.

Here are some important points to consider when buying signage for your business:

Vivid Text

If people can’t read your sign, well, you might as well not have it. Make sure whatever sign you create has vivid, crisp text that can be seen from as far away as possible. It’s good to be known as a hidden gem, but people shouldn’t need the map from City Slickers Two to find you. So make your business stand out with vivid text!

Full-Color Graphics

Remember when your computer could only support 256 colors? =( It was a pretty long time ago, so unless you’re store specializes in selling retro items like Atari and Easy Bake Oven, you’ll want graphics that have full-color, and speak to the look of today and tomorrow. Step into the 21st century with full-color graphics!

Custom Graphics

Professional print houses have a saying: “If you have the file, we have the…means to get the file and re-size it, make a mock-up, print it out, and put it exactly where you want it, so it looks AWESOME.” Well… Maybe that’s our saying, but it’s true. We’ll help you from start to finish to create an amazing looking custom graphic for your retail business.

Stand Out from the Pack

We can help your business, whatever the size, stand out and look special. We’ve worked on small businesses, corporate entities, clubs, and educational institutions.

All of our products are extremely versatile and can work with any marketing campaign. Getting people to your retail store is the first step. Having them know that they’ve arrived step two.

For more info on signage for your retail space, get in touch by calling 212.727.2727 or emailing info@baboodigital.com. We are always here to help your signage needs!