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Part 1: Proper Ways to Showcase Floor Graphics

Summer isn’t over yet, and there’s still a lot of foot traffic on busy streets. They’ll be people darting in and out of shops, walking up and down high streets. Where does this all lead? It means that the potential for marketing and promotion is massive. In particular, you may want to consider the use of floor graphics. Floor graphics are cheap to setup, and they can be incredibly useful. Whether you’re marketing an online business or a new instore promotion a floor graphic could be an excellent choice. You just need to know how to showcase a floor graphic effectively.

3-D Displays Bring Graphics To Life

Our first tip would be to consider using 3D images in your graphics. 3D images look fantastic and make customers stop, taking notice of their environment. Due to this, they build awareness and can have an incredible impact on your brand. Just imagine if customers saw an image that looked real. They would certainly stop for a closer look. At this point, they are investigating your brand, and you have managed to capture their attention. There are numerous cases of 3D graphic promotion in the world today. We’re surprised Nintendo didn’t use them to promote Pokemon Go.

Point Them In The Right Direction

Alternatively, you can use your floor graphics to point customers and foot traffic in the right direction. For instance, you can have arrows on the sidewalk outside your shop leading into the store. This, mixed with a message like ‘free donuts inside’ is going to have a great effect. Remember, if you are using these types of graphics, they do need to be bright and colorful. The GP do not wander around staring at their feet all day. You’ll need to draw their attention to the floor with an attractive design and something that catches their eye line.

The Right Position

Placing your graphics correctly will make sure that they reach their full marketing potential. You need to think about putting them next to a new product that you’re introducing to the market. One of the key facts about floor graphics is that they are different and unexpected. For this reason, alone, customers are going to notice them. They’re something new that they weren’t be expecting. They might miss a billboard or poster, but a floor graphic changes the typical environment.

Make Them Unique

Finally, you need to think about how to make sure that your floor graphic is unique. By this, we mean, that it shouldn’t just be the logo or an image related to your business. You need to be more creative and give your audience something a tad more exciting. For instance, the floor graphic for a dental clinic could be the image of an enormous 3D mouth. That’s certainly going to get some attention and it’s not just the name of a company on a sidewalk. Floor graphics will only work if they stand out. If it’s just writing on the floor, people are going to walk straight past without a moment’s hesitation.

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