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Promoting Your Photography Business on Instagram

Instagram has over 200 million users and growing and can be one of the most powerful tools for promoting your photography business when used effectively. Designed only for posting photos and videos, Instagram has distinct advantages for photographers that other social media sites do not. Everyone who follows you on Instagram will see your photos because it’s all you upload, and it’s an ideal way to reach out to and grow your audience as you seek a larger customer base. Spread the word and build interest in your business with these tips for using Instagram as a tool for photography business promotion.

Valuable content

Keep your followers interested in your work by uploading valuable content and avoiding filling your feed with content irrelevant to your photography business. Post content that grabs attention such as behind the scene shots, photos of your editing process, images from recent shoots, details about upcoming shoots, pictures of your work place and a few selfies so they know what you look like. Make yourself memorable to your followers by standing out from the competition.

Understand the importance of hashtags

Similar to Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to help organize photos into relevant categories that users can find quickly. Use hashtags on every photo uploaded and keep them relevant to your post by avoiding tags such as #followback, which can appear spammy and attract the wrong kind of followers. Use hashtags that apply directly to the type of work you’re sharing such as #portrait, #photographer, #wedding, #landscape, etc. Help promote your brand with hashtags that feature your business name and location. Using geotags can help promote your business locally, especially when the competition has no set location for users to find them.

Be consistent

Post at least five posts per week to be consistent and show your followers that you have clients, stay busy and produce quality work. Avoid being annoying by limiting your posts to 1-2 per day and if you want to post more, start a blog to showcase them in a different format. Upload your best shots and focus on quality over quantity.

Create beneficial relationships

Just like other social media sites, Instagram is an ideal place to create beneficial relationships. To do this, follow vendors you want to collaborate with including designers, stylists, models, florists, etc. Compliment on and like their photos so they see your name in their notifications and investigate your profile. Encouraging fellow artists can be great for your business.

Have an effective biography

Make sure your Instagram biography properly details what you and your photography business are about and include a hyperlink to your photography blog or portfolio. Make it easy for your followers to see your work, contact you and find your website and make sure your profile is public, not private.

Tell a story

Rather than just posting images with a brief description, tell a brief story about each image with interesting details about the location, subject matter and history. If your image features someone who has an account on Instagram, tag him or her to add a personal touch and help him or her gain more followers.

Hold a giveaway

Create a contest where you giveaway something like a discount for a session, a signed print or a discount on a photo album by asking your readers to use a specific hashtag when re-posting your giveaway details. Set a deadline for the giveaway to encourage participation and then announce the winner in a new post at the designated time.

Staying up to date on social media platforms like Instagram is an effective way to reach current and future clients as you promote your photography business. Make sure you have an amazing body of work to show your clients by utilizing Baboo Digital’s digital printing services.

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