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Giclee Printing NYC: Top Reasons to Use Baboo Digital’s Giclee Printing

If you’re an artist, whether professional or casual, printing your work has many advantages. You can sell it, use it for shows, or display it in you home. If you want to print your artwork, you need to research the different options you have available. In NYC, you can find a range of printing services that use various materials and techniques. To determine which options are best for your artwork depends on several factors, from your medium to your desired finish on the prints. Giclee printing is one of the options you will find offered by several printing services in the city. Here’s why the best giclee printing NYC has to offer, provided by Baboo Digital, could be your best choice.

What Is Giclee Printing?

Giclee printing is a digital printing technique, most suitable for fine art. The process involves using pigment-based inks and high-quality paper to produce a result that’s worthy of the original medium. The word “Giclee” comes from the French “gicler”, which means to spray or squirt. The ink is squirted or sprayed in tiny dots onto the canvas or paper to produce beautiful results. When you’re looking for the best giclee printing NYC has, you might feel reassured by a company that can explain their process. They can tell you about the printers they use, as well as their inks and materials.

Types of Giclee

Giclee printing uses several different materials to print onto. These include canvas, cotton textured papers, or Baryta paper. At Baboo, we print onto canvas or cotton paper, which is also referred to as watercolor paper. Printing onto canvas delivers a high-definition print, which aims to mirror the original as closely as possible. Some of the benefits of using canvas include its durability and quality for sales. Baboo Digital offers an advantage that many other printers in NYC don’t. We can display your artwork in our in-house gallery. Watercolor prints can be textured or smooth. They are also an excellent choice for printing your work for sale.

Is Giclee Suitable for Your Art?

Before you order giclee prints of your artwork, you have to think about whether it is suitable. To know whether it’s right for you, you need to research your other options. For example, you might want to print onto different materials. Giclee is only suitable for some types of material, so you need to look at alternative methods. You might also need to take a budget into account, and you have to think about the medium you use to produce your art.

Finding the Best Giclee Printing NYC Has to Offer

Choosing an NYC giclee printing service can be confusing. There are several places you can go so you should research different options. Some of the things you need to keep in mind include your budget and customer service. Can you order your prints online? How do you know what the quality is like? At Baboo Digital, you can get one free test print with every order to check the final results before printing your run.

New York artists can find it hard to get noticed, but quality prints can give you an edge. Choose giclee for your fine art printing to get great results.

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