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Photography Has No Limits

September 6, 2016 4:30 pm

Photography is an art form that’s limitless. It’s something that has no rules. As a photographer, you can create whatever images you want to. That being said, a lot of photographers come under criticism for their work. There’s always something that’s wrong with a piece. Whether it’s an image posted online via social media or shared in a gallery, there will always be people who disagree with the art on display. These types of criticisms of photography need to end. If they don’t, the photography industry will cease to exist as we know it.

The fact is, regardless of what other people think, photography doesn’t have any boundaries. As artists, photographers have the right to follow their minds. If you want your artwork to be truly authentic, you need to ignore what others say. Instead, you need to focus on your pieces and your hopes and dreams for them. As well as what you want each piece of your artwork to represent. Don’t follow any rules and your work will be more beautiful for it.

Editing of photography is a topic that comes under fire a lot and gets a fair amount of criticism. A lot of people make the assumption that when, as photographers, we combine various pieces of work, it’s not a real art form. Believe it or not, editing photography doesn’t weaken its virtue as a piece. If anything, it makes it stronger.

Editing pieces is an act of artistic creativity and only adds to your work. Whether you choose to blue imperfections, up the contrast or change anything else for that matter, it’s your choice. You’re the artist; you hold artistic license over your work. Photography has no limits; these acts make your work stronger and more legitimate as a form of art. Photographers who mold their photography to be just how they want it to be are often the best artists. Looking for somewhere to share your work? Consider submitting files via Baboo Digital here.

Some people believe that for photography to be real, it all needs to be done via camera. Often, pieces that are created for the media or print are edited by the company that has requested them. This is a tricky topic as some people believe that the business paying for the photos should have the rights to the final edit. While the photographer – the creator of the piece, should lose their rights. As a photographer, that’s your call to make. When dealing with clients, you have the ability to set your expectations. If you expect to have the final say over all pieces of your work, make this clear.

The criticisms people make of your work are their way to attempting to make you adhere to certain rules. This is the audience’s way of trying to take control over your artwork. That’s not to say that your audience isn’t able to voice their opinions about a piece that you produce. However, it’s important that it’s done in a way that does not attempt to make you adhere to certain rules.