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Photographing Everyday Objects in Interesting Ways

July 17, 2015 12:40 pm

When you live in New York City, you’re familiar with loads of tourists photographing attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Times Square. Yet, even though people have photographed these attractions countless times, there are still those who can capture them in incredibly unique ways to produce stunning images that give you a new perspective on even such familiar sights. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, it’s time to work backward by learning new ways to photograph everyday objects in interesting ways. By starting small on familiar, mundane objects, you begin to learn the consistent aspects that transform ordinary items into extraordinary images.

Choose your object

For this “backward” technique, choose any object from your house or property that you see every single day. It can be your coffee mug, car keys, lamp, outside light post, mailbox, etc. Any item that you use or pass by mindlessly every day will work for this because it’s a great way to change up your perspective and expand your photographer’s eye. Once you have your object, take an ordinary, mundane picture of it with your phone or camera.

Switch up the angle

Now that you have your base, “boring” picture of the object, it’s time to switch up the angle you’re shooting from. Many amateur photographers start by taking pictures from the angles they naturally use to view objects, which is eye level. They tend to shoot objects below them from a standing position and this perspective isn’t overly interesting or unique. However, when you get down (or up) to the level of your subject matter, you can shoot images from a perspective that most people don’t see regularly. An example of this would be photographing flowers in a garden while hunkered down on the ground to zoom in close and capture their unique texture, colors and patterns, instead of towering over them shooting downward. Shoot from angles that people aren’t accustomed to, focus on certain parts of the object and you’ll create a far more intriguing perspective.

Have fun with it

When you’re shooting a mundane object, you don’t need to worry about it growing tired of posing, so have fun with the project and take as much time as you need. Try different angles, lie on the ground, climb up on something, do whatever it takes to snap pictures that transform ordinary into extraordinary. For more inspiration, pay attention to other photographers when you’re out at a popular attraction and observe their positions. Try mimicking their positions to see what they’re seeing because even if you look odd, the great photographs you take are worth it.

Challenge yourself

Photos taken in easy, convenient ways are rarely breathtaking or unique so challenge yourself when you’re out in the field by venturing into places no one else has, holding your camera above your head or climbing walls (safely) to grab that shot that goes well beyond normal and boring.

Taking the time to think about your object, angle and composition can make even the most mundane objects interesting as you explore fresh perspectives. Up your game even further by utilizing Baboo Digital for all your digital printing, mounting and framing needs.

Featured image by Wiros