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Photograph the Outdoors, Indoors!!

November 18, 2013 8:00 am


It’s about to be winter in NYC, and that means it’s about to be FREEZING. Sometimes, when it’s so cold in the winter, or even too hot in the summer, it’s tough to get out and photograph the outdoors. But don’t fret. There’s a solution…

Bring the outdoors, indoors!!

That is, unless you want to photograph a horse or something that you’d find a bit difficult to first steal, and then get up to your 5th floor walk-up. 😉

On a serious note…

Mike Moats of TamronTechsTips wrote about photographing feathers by bringing them indoors to a home studio.

My cure for the photographer’s cabin fever is finding interesting subjects to shoot indoors. It’s not that I’m a wimp and don’t want to brave the cold, its just that what sells the best for me is images with color, and winter takes its toll on any color in nature here in the north.

Read the rest of the post, here.

Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Want to share some photos you’ve taken of outdoor subjects, indoors? Leave comments below.