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Photo Mounting: 4 Incredible Options

August 16, 2016 1:00 pm

Amazing pictures deserve to be displayed properly. Photo mounting is a fantastic way to display your pictures, and make them shine. Of course, there are many options when it comes to mounting your favorite photos. You can find four incredible options below, and why they’re so great:


Dibond is famous in the photo mounting world as it’s one of the first aluminum sheets for displays and signs. It’s very stable and great for applications both inside and outside. There’s a durability to Dibond that makes it very popular. It’s resistant to harsh weather conditions, as well as cold and hot temperatures. The benefit of all this is that it helps protect whatever you’re mounting. You can mount some lovely artwork outside a building, and it won’t get beaten up by the weather.

Although it’s great for exterior mounting, many people like to use it inside. It’s light and looks great, making it ideal for exhibition displays. Many people choose this over aluminum metal prints because of its consistent color quality. To make things even better, it’s fantastic for large photos.


Sintra is made out of PVC plastic and is very durable. You may think that this durability comes at a cost and that Sintra is heavy. However, you’re wrong! It’s incredibly lightweight, which makes it perfect for photo mounting. It’s suitable for both interior and exterior applications, much like Dibond.

This plastic comes into its own when prints are made directly onto it. They end up with unbelievable color and quality. The dark colors look dark, while the bright ones shine beautifully. It also happens to be UV resistant, and impossible to dent or scratch.


If you’re looking for an economical way to mount images, then Foamcore is for you. It’s also known as foam board and is perfect for temporary use. Many people choose to use these for trade shows or pop-up galleries. It’s lightweight, and you can size it with ease to fit any photo you wish to mount. It comes in all white and all black, depending on your preference.

Foamcore is great for bringing out images in vibrant colors that stand out and turn heads. Although it’s not a permanent mounting measure, it’s still incredibly useful.


Gatorboard is weighted similarly to Foamcore, but it’s the stronger of the two. It has a foam core that lies between infused wood-fiber veneers. This is what makes it stronger than Foamcore, while also making it water resistant. It’s the perfect material for mounting photos on, giving them a professional quality.

If you’re after a mounting option that’s rigid and warp resistant, this is the one for you. It’s often found in museums, as it’s so good at making art look like a masterpiece. Although it’s moisture resistant, it isn’t the ideal thing to use outside. You’re better off choosing one of the other options on this list for that task.

All four of these mounting options have their strengths and benefits. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll end up with a fantastic final product.

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