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Organize Your Photo Collection with Digital Scanning in NYC

They lurk in closets, attics, basements, and spare rooms and the idea of tackling them makes you cringe. They’re those boxes of loose photographs, slides, negatives and mystery rolls of undeveloped film you keep meaning to go through and organize. Thankfully, the task isn’t as insurmountable as you believe. With film development and digital film scanning from Baboo Digital, that collection of images becomes easy to organize, preserve, improve, and share.

Rediscover and preserve memories

While all of your photos from the last several years are probably digital images saved on your computer, the images before then are a jumble of media. Some people are diligent about placing all their prints in neatly-organized albums, but in today’s busy world, that practice has become less of a priority and more of a chore. Unfortunately, this means that all of those memories stay tucked forgotten in boxes and possibly suffering damage from heat, cold, and moisture due to improper storage. Avoid losing those pieces of your history by having your prints scanned by Baboo Digital into easily accessible image files.

Getting started

While you can scan prints and slides on your own, it’s a time-consuming and tedious process. If you have a large number of boxes to go through, break the project up into manageable sessions and try to decide which photos you want scanned first. A good place to start is with the oldest photos because scanning them prevents further image deterioration. Baboo Digital offers quantity archival scans in bulk for negatives, 35mm, and 120 chromes/negatives. Our standard resolution is 72 dpi but our equipment is capable of much higher resolutions to suit your needs. Our bulk scanning gives you a quick, painless way to get all your treasured family photos and past photography work archived, preserved, and ready to organize. We also offer photolab services to develop, scan, and print those mystery rolls of film into visual memories.

Preparing photos for scanning

As you’re going through your loose photo collection, keep notes on what you’ve found so you can categorize the photos easily after scanning. Categories can include family vacations, holidays, professional shoots, landscapes, and whatever other styles and events you come across. Remove the dust from photos with compressed air or a dust free lens cloth to avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges on the print. It’s tempting to try to flatten out creases in old photos, but avoid doing so as you may further damage and rip the print. Let our professionals at Baboo Digital deal with creases and remember that you can always edit out imperfections after scanning converts the print into a digital image.

Old images, new life

Once scanning of your images is complete, you not only have the ability to organize the photos at your leisure, you can also improve and enhance each one. Eliminating red eye, cropping, adjusting colors, and transforming images into works of art are simpler processes on digital files. With digital scanning, you breathe new life into old images and can share them as digital photo albums for everyone to enjoy.

We have a variety of Film and Art Scanning options available at Baboo Digital including quantity archival scans, drum scans, and full roll scans, all designed to streamline the process of preserving and enhancing your collection of images.

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