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Nikon’s KeyMission 360 to Take On Action Camera Market

February 27, 2016 10:51 am

Along with their announcement of the D5, their brand new 4k DSLR camera, Nikon also made a surprising announcement of their KeyMission 360, their first ever action camera. The KeyMission 360 shoots 4k video in 360-degrees and represents the first product in Nikon’s upcoming family of action cameras. Although the KeyMission 360 looks to be the only Nikon action camera with 360-degree video capabilities, the company’s foray into the action camera market remains significant.

Taking on GoPro

GoPro has dominated the action camera industry since the early 2000s when it created the idea. However, companies including Sony and Polaroid have ventured into the action camera market in recent years, and now Nikon has entered the field with their KeyMission 360. The KeyMission 360 is small and square but slightly bigger than the GoPro Hero Session 4 and less cube-like. As Nikon has yet to release any information on price, battery life, field of view, or availability, it’s still impossible to know how it stacks up against GoPro in those areas.

Small camera, big potential

The camera is shockproof to 2 meters or approximately 7 feet. Waterproof to 30 meters or 100 feet, the KeyMission 360 also possesses electronic vibration reduction. The KeyMission has lenses on the front and back, and the dual lenses, and image sensors work together to produce a single, high-definition video and still image. The KeyMission’s ability to shoot 360-degree video help separate it from its competitors, as most high-quality VR (virtual reality) requires large camera rigs. Their competition in the smaller 360-degree video capable devices includes 360fly and Ricoh, but as Nikon is a much bigger company, they have more capabilities for advancing the technology.

Wearable for full action capture

Nikon describes the KeyMission 360 as wearable, which makes it ideal for capturing full action sports, especially water sports with its waterproof capabilities. The promotional video on the Nikon website demonstrates the versatility of the 360-degree video feature possible with the dual sensors and lenses, but there’s no additional information yet about possible accessories. The KeyMission 360 is set for release in Spring of 2016, but it promises to be an exciting entry into the action camera market with its VR applications and 4K video quality.

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Featured image by Nikon USA