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When You Need Long-lasting Quality, Use Giclee Printing

May 13, 2016 8:00 am

For art to be effective, it needs to make a powerful first impression. Artists spend a lot of time trying to achieve the perfect look the first time around. Moreover, this can be one of the most difficult aspects of any project. This is the case regardless of the medium an artist is using. Whether it’s print or digital, the artist needs to know that they can have faith in the technique they are employing. Regarding printing, there are some basic requirements which most artists will usually be looking for. More often than not, stability and durability are key attributes which need to be given the spotlight. Other qualities may well take a back seat – but an artist needs to know that they can trust the medium to last. A particularly reliable method is Giclee printing.

What Is Giclee Printing?

The word itself is derived from the French meaning to squirt or spray. That alone gives you some idea of the technique involved in this process. With Giclee printing, microscopic dots of pigment are sprayed directly onto the surface which is being used. Normally, this will be a high-quality art paper or canvas as this achieves the best results. However, as a method, Giclee is famous for its versatility, and any number of materials can be used with no small degree of success. Cotton rag is one of the most popular, so popular in fact that it has earned the nickname Giclee paper. Ultimately, this is a method of printing which produces stable, durable works which last well.

What Are The Benefits?

Giclee printing is very popular, and it has been for a long time now. It appears to show no sign of slowing down, either – so what might the reasons for that be? The truth is, there are many benefits to Giclee printing, and they go far beyond its ease of use. Above all, Giclee printing is famed for producing works of a much higher quality than many other techniques. Quality is, without a shadow of a doubt, the main thing an artist is looking for in a printing technique. So it is not a huge surprise that this method is so popular with so many artists. Compared to a standard inkjet printer, Giclee printing looks much more impressive. What’s more, it lasts much longer, too. Moreover, it makes the process of reproduction a complete doddle. This is great news for anyone who wants a high-quality print, fast.

What Are The Applications?

Traditionally, Giclee printing was used to reproduce digital works onto high-quality art paper. This in itself is a viable application and one that is still very popular. However, these days its use has widened somewhat. It is now quite common for digital artists to use Giclee printing to print works which are entirely digital in nature. The benefits of doing so, of course, remain the same as always. Giclee provides a long-lasting print of high quality – and artists are likely to favour those attributes for a long time to come.

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