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Metal Prints Vs. Canvas Prints

One of the most basic questions that you might ask yourself when it comes time to print is the medium that is best for you. Not surprisingly, this can also be one of the most perplexing issues to boil down. The two primary media are canvas prints and metal prints. Baboo Digital created this blog post to help you sort out some of the details and to make your choice easier. Read on below for more information. Remember, though, that you can always contact us here at Baboo Digital if you need clarification or more information. We’re always glad to help!

What is a Metal Print?

A metal print is when the dyes are infused directly onto metal — usually aluminum — sheets that have been specially coated and prepared for this particular use. You might also hear metal prints being referred to as HD metal prints due to the incredible detail and color depth the substrate offers. Designed of a single, sleek metal panel, metal prints give your photographs and other artwork a high-definition and modern look.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print features your image printed onto a sheet of canvas. This is then stretched over a frame — a process known as gallery wrapping — before it’s ready to display. Canvas prints are often used for interior design projects.

Canvas Prints or Metal Prints: Which One Should You Use?

Like many aspects of photography and art, the particular medium that you use depends largely on your own personal preferences and style. Below, some unique benefits of each media are outlined to help you decided which one is right for your particular project.

Metal Print Advantages

Metal prints provide the option for a frameless design. Not only does this give your artwork and photographs a sleek, clean and modern look, it also makes a print instantly available to use. Because a metal print doesn’t need matting, framing or any other kind of preparation, it’s ready to hang the minute you pick it up. You can also have your metal prints placed into a float frame if you prefer a more finished edge or don’t like the frameless look.

A key benefit that metal prints offer is longevity. Because aluminum is so durable, your metal prints will look as good in 20 years as they did the day you picked them up from the printer. In addition, the printer that you use is extremely important as well. A metal print will last for years if it includes a professional finish. In addition, Baboo Digital offers a special aluminum that is designed specifically for outdoor use and longevity. Contact us for more information about this product.

Metal prints are extremely versatile in where you can hang them. This is because they are both waterproof and resistant to scratches. A metal print is equally at home in a kitchen, playroom, garage, club or restaurant. No matter what the final destination is for your project, you can rest assured that it will look fantastic!

Unlike what you might initially believe, a metal print doesn’t have the image simply infused on its surface. Instead, its brilliant colors and design are infused right into the aluminum itself. This makes any print more radiant, clearer and beautiful.

Metal Print Finishes

Choosing a metal print provides you with finish options to suit your needs. For example, if you want to enhance the metallic features of your print while also subtly muting the colors, a brush metal surface might be best. On the other hand, if you really want the colors of the print to pop, the white base coat that a true color surface provides could be the right choice. Other options include a glossy finish that you can add to either surface. This provides a crisper and vibrant image. Use a matte finish if you want a look that is more subdued and muted.

Canvas Print Advantages

Canvas prints are often used with framed artwork or photographs to provide a more visually appealing effect. Using canvas prints enables you to be more versatile when decorating instead of simply relying on framed prints alone. Because they are frameless, canvas prints are the ideal way to decorate any interior space if you want a free-flowing effect. Their pops of color can create focal points that really increase the beauty of the room.

Canvas prints are also very commonly put into Float Frames or traditional gallery frames for a more finished look. We are happy to accommodate these requests as well.

Using a canvas print provides an added depth of both color and texture to any photograph or piece of artwork. Because they are not behind a glass, canvas prints don’t have a glare nor do they reflect the items near them. The image printed on a canvas is permanent so you can change it out like you can a photograph that’s housed in a frame. Lightweight so that they can easily be moved around, a canvas print comes in either a matte or a glossy finish.

Many people choose to print their photographs or art on a canvas print because it gives the image an effect that makes it look like a painting. Because of its gallery wrapped edges, canvas prints can suit many different styles of decor. When compared to printing on paper, canvas can provide a more affordable option.

There are certain disadvantages that you should keep in mind when it comes to printing on canvas though. Because canvas is made of natural materials — even though these materials are both durable and strong — the linen and cotton that’s used can be affected by dampness. It can also be scratched or even torn if enough pressure is used. In addition, because a canvas print does feature a frame, that frame can become warped or broken. The canvas can also be punctured.

In spite of these pitfalls, with the proper care, your canvas prints can last for years. if your canvas print is displayed indoors — ideally out of too much direct sunlight, and away from harmful moisture buildup — your investment will last for years to come.

In terms of aesthetics, canvas prints are often considered ideal for artwork. When it comes to photographs, however, the results could be distracting. One way to guard against this effect is to carefully select the photographs that you use when ordering a canvas print.

Baboo Digital can help you with every phase of the printing process. From choosing that perfect photo to have printed on a canvas to deciding which surface finish is ideal for your metal print, we work closely with you every step of the way. Your complete satisfaction is why we’ve been a fixture in Manhattan’s Flatiron District since 1977. Call us today and learn how we can help you!

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