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Metal Prints Could Make Your Property Look Modern And Stylish

April 22, 2016 8:00 am

Art is a great way to give a property or room added character and make the surroundings more unique. You can also use the art you purchase to give the property a specific sense of style. For instance, some art will make a room look more modern, such as metal prints. Metal prints look stunning and could add a lot to your property, no matter what design you choose. But before we get to the benefits of metal prints let’s, examine what they are and how they are created.

What Are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are, as the same suggests, printed pictures on a metal surface. They can be completed using four different finishes, depending on the desired effect. Due to the material they are made from they are perfect for a modern environment. You can put any image on a metal print, whether that’s a photo or a piece of art.

How Are They Created?

Metal prints are created by using a dye sublimation process. By doing this, the image is infused directly onto the material. Using aluminium and transfer paper, the dye is transferred onto the metal sheet. At high temperatures the dye then forms a gas, permanently fixed on the metal sheet. Through this method, you can get clear HD images that look just like 4K photographs. Finish is then placed over the image to protect it. But as you are about to discover, very little protection is needed.

Benefits Of Metal Prints

There are numerous benefits to using metal prints. First, the prints are far more durable than images on other materials. Without protection, a metal print can be placed in light for up to one hundred years before any noticeable damage or fading. Due to this, the piece of artwork could be passed on through generations. If you have an image you want to treasure forever, this is the perfect way to preserve it. As well as this, storing it in the dark will double this duration.

One of the biggest fears when investing money into artwork is that one day they will be lost or damaged. In the blink of an eye, an irreplaceable piece of art goes up in smoke. But this isn’t the case with metal prints. They are designed to withstand high temperatures. If there is a fire on your property, there’s an excellent chance the print will remain unaffected. Added to that the pictures are scratch resistant, and this means they can be moved without worry.

Metal prints are also great value for money, with the look of gallery plexi but a far cheaper price tag. You’ll have the desired aesthetic without the expensive cost. Some metal prints are even created with brilliant effects that make them look as though they are floating off the wall.

There’s no doubt about it then. If you want art for the modern age, built to last, metal prints are an awesome choice. They look gorgeous and help bring your property into the 21st century.

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