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The Many Different Scenarios to Use Foamcore Mounting

Foamcore mounting is the process of affixing printed images onto foamcore. Foamcore is a material that is comprised of a polystyrene board pressed between two paper liners. One side of the board displays the image.

Due to its material, foamcore is prized for being very lightweight. It also has high tensile strength, which makes it very rigid and helps protect the image from bends, folds, and wrinkles.

Do Foamcore Mounted Images Have all the Features of Regular Printing?

Yes. With foamcore mounting, the image itself can be printed in full color or black and white. The only difference is the mounting, which is done on foamcore rather than canvas or another material.

What Options Are Available With Foamcore?

Our foamcore is available in white or black. The white foamcore features smooth, clay-coated, glossy liners. The solid black foamcore features smooth, matte black paper. Both color options are available as widths of ¼” or ½.”

What Applications is Foamcore Mounting Suitable For?

Foamcore mounting is ideal for many different scenarios. Here are just a handful of applications in which foamcore mounting is ideal:


Tradeshow exhibitors especially appreciate the many features of foamcore mounting. Foamcore mounted images can consist of product images or information to help sell the product to attendees. Foamcore mounted images set up quickly and easily onto free-standing easels or booth backdrops and popups with Velcro. Typically, there is a lot of heavy tradeshow equipment that needs to be brought in. Foamcore is extremely lightweight and doesn’t add significantly to the load. Its inherent rigidity withstands frequent moving and transportation stress, as well as long periods of storage.

Practical Home Application

Foamcore mounting is a convenient and clever way to hide unsightly areas in the home. Since the size of foamcore is customizable, virtually any size area can be hidden or camouflaged by a foamcore mounted image. For instance, some circuit boards are located in living areas in houses or apartments. A foamcore mounted image can be attached with adhesive Velcro onto the circuit panel door without interfering with the opening and closing operation of the door. Only the homeowner will know that the image “swings” open to reveal the circuit board.

Leased Unit Applications

With commercial office and apartment leases, it’s often inconvenient or even frowned upon to hammer nails in the walls to hang pictures. But without decorative wall art, an office or apartment can look cold and barren. By installing lightweight foamcore mounted images using removable fixtures like 3M Command Strips. These strips can easily handle the very lightweight foamcore in either ¼” or ½” widths. When the lease is over, no patching of nail holes is required.

College Dorm Rooms

Parents take advantage of foamcore mounted images to give college students an easy way to decorate their first dorm room without damaging dorm walls. Often, a special family portrait or memory is mounted on foamcore and presented as a memento to remind the student of home.

Foamcore mounting has many more practical and clever applications. Please contact us today to see all the ways we can help you with your digital imaging needs.

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