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The Many Different Options Of Signs And Graphics

July 28, 2016 8:00 am

There’s no denying that signs and graphics help convey messages to specific audiences. We use those two elements in a variety of creative ways to attract and entice people. We also use them to offer help and information. The trouble is, some people aren’t aware of the options available when it comes to signs and graphics.

Having the right visual elements will ensure one achieves the right results. Each day, we see all kinds of signs and graphics in our lives. Even if we never step foot outside our homes, they are still around us!

If you need to broadcast a particular message, help is at hand. Here at Baboo Digital, we are experts at creating custom signs and graphics for your needs. The following is a list of the services that we can offer you:

Floor Graphics

A common sight in many public places, floor graphics are an ideal way to advertise a brand. They are also useful at directing people in large buildings. Examples include hospitals and shopping malls.

Most people assume that advertising should only get done on walls. But, floors offer an ideal way to capture people’s attention as they walk! We can provide you with custom floor graphics that get printed onto heavy-duty vinyl. The advantage of that is you can apply them direct on the floor without the need for adhesives.

Window Graphics

Many retail stores aren’t unlocking an exciting way of advertising to their potential customers. Shop windows offer a wealth of promotional opportunities. One can convert their windows into premium advertising spaces with ease!

Baboo Digital offer a range of window graphic options to suit all needs. For example, our perforated window vinyl products let graphics get seen from outdoors. But, the beauty is they offer an unobstructed view from inside a store! They aren’t just useful for retail stores. They could get used for cafes, libraries, offices and more.

Wall Graphics

Wall advertising is a traditional method of advertising to people in virtually any location. Here at Baboo Digital, we can create custom wall graphics of almost any size for your needs. From small decals to full wall coverings, we can help you realize your advertising goals.

All you have to do is provide us with high-resolution images or vectors. We then create your graphics using materials that won’t harm your walls or damage your paint. That means you can remove them with ease when they are no longer needed. We can help you to transform any wall space into vibrant visual experiences!


Do you need high-quality and durable vinyl banners? And do you need them to get shipped to your door fast? Baboo Digital offers a custom vinyl banner printing solution for your needs!

We can take your high-resolution image files and print them full-color onto 13 oz. scrim vinyl banners. They have hems and grommets for extra strength. And they can get used in both indoor and outdoors applications.

If you need help designing the perfect banner for your needs, we also offer a design service too!


If you need posters up to 50 inches by 120 inches, Baboo Digital can help. We can create high-resolution posters from your digital images and artwork. And if you need them custom-mounted or framed, we can do that for you too. Our poster printing service is ideal for small and large-volume print runs.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl graphics aren’t just useful for floors and walls. You can use them in a plethora of settings!

Baboo Digital can create durable custom vinyl decals for indoor and outdoor use. They are self-adhesive and ready to apply. That means you can fit them with ease in seconds!

The advantage of using our vinyl decal service is we go beyond standard print sizes. So, if you have a specific requirement in mind, contact us to find out how we can help you.