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Lucky Shots: Perfectly Timed Photos

March 17, 2015 8:00 am

Have you ever searched back through your collected digital images or printed photos and marveled at some of the lucky shots you took? Amazingly, you pressed the shutter button at just the right moment to capture a perfectly-timed photo of your friend in mid-air making an odd face right before jumping into a pool or your pet the moment before it does something that turned out either hilarious and/or disastrous. Perhaps your attempt to capture the sky at sunset or sunrise revealed a peculiar element you didn’t see at the time or you were in the middle of taking a picture when something happened that you wish you could somehow go back in time and change.

Whatever the reason or circumstance, those lucky shots or perfectly timed photos result in images that cover a range of emotions including humor, horror, disbelief, fear, and many more. While some of those photos may contain moments you’d rather forget, others give you a glimpse of what you’re capable of capturing and can inspire you to try to turn luck into skill. Some photographers take the time to plan these seemingly fortuitous pictures while others really are just lucky, but the effort or lack thereof is worth it when it gives glimpses of instants you might otherwise miss. Find more great images like these at Perfectly Timed Photos.Com and bring your own lucky shots to Baboo Digital for enlargements, custom framing, and unique mounting options.

tennis ball in face

motorcycle wheel flying off

failed horse jump

hovering cat

falcon swooping in on pigeon

smiling sunset image