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Light System Intends to Improve Smart Phone Photography

October 21, 2015 3:22 pm

Mobile phone cameras have improved so much in recent years that nearly anyone with a smartphone can take impressive photographs with the touch of the screen. The convenience of smartphone cameras is still undermined by their limited capabilities when compared to true cameras, but the startup company called Light has plans to even the field.

The founders of Light have great familiarity with numerous forms of mobile technology, and they believe that today’s smartphone cameras have hit their limit for potential. They plan to address the issue of most portable digital cameras having only a single lens and sensor by using a myriad of smaller lenses to capture numerous images in a scene and then fuse them together to create a single, high-quality image. The Light system allows users to have a single, small device that offers real optical zoom without protruding elements such as an add-on lens. With that single device using Light, people can capture sharp images in low-light situations and use the editing process to control focus and depth of field, according to Cofounder and CTO Dr. Rajiv Laroia.

Comprehensive improvements

Today’s smartphone usually only offers a digital zoom that creates noisy, blocky, blurry images when the user zooms in. Add in the low-light performance and limits on focus and depth of field on smartphones, and it can be nearly impossible for someone to capture a perfect image without pixelation. Light is a comprehensive, sophisticated system that aims to change that by improving zoom capabilities, removing pixelation issues and increasing capacity to create images with shallow depth of field.

Impressive promises

Although Light is still in early development, the company promises DSLR quality images accessible through smartphone cameras without adding any bulkiness to the devices. The company also seeks to maintain the point and shoot abilities of the phone by combining their system with the easy access of mobile photography. With a first build expected in smartphones by 2016, Light will give people a 52-megapixel camera that fits easily in their pocket, purse or other favorite phone stowing spot.


Even with the advancements and innovations of the Light system, it still has the same limitations as other high-quality photography. Higher resolution photos take up more space on devices, but the Light creators aren’t overly concerned. They feel that the improving onboard flash storage in phones, options for microSD card storage and additional power of the Light camera eliminating the need for photo editing apps, will free up ample space for better images. Users can also determine their preferred size for images. However, with a majority of the most popular phones being lower price devices with less storage, Light still faces challenges marketing their idea to the general population.

Smartphone cameras with the Light technology have the potential to eliminate the lower-quality images taken and posted by smartphones today and help people capture and share their memories in high quality and high resolution.

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