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Instagram Update Offers Freedom from Squares

September 3, 2015 10:19 am

In a previous post, we shared some tips on using Instagram to promote your photography business and with Instagram’s recent update, it has become an even more useful marketing tool. On Thursday, August 27th, 2015, Instagram released an update that breaks out of their traditional square format and graduates into a much more expansive view.

Thinking outside the square

With Instagram’s new update, users can now share an entire photo instead of the traditional cropped Instagram box of the past. The ability to upload both landscape and portrait photos and videos to Instagram greatly improves the versatility and usefulness of the app, especially for pro and amateur photographers who want to stand out. Instagram’s update gives you the option of showing the entire photo in landscape or portrait as long as it has an “aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5” according to their announcement.

How it works

Users who download the new Instagram update will immediately see new features in the app, including the ability to use all filters on photos or videos, the ability to adjust the filter intensity and new ways of indicating location. To change the way your photo appears in the feed, you need to touch the arrows in the bottom left corner of your chosen photo, which Instagram refers to as the “format icon.” The format options still include the recognizable Instagram square shape along with the new landscape or portrait layout. After choosing the layout, you simply upload the photo as you always have.

No more third-party apps needed

Many photographers have been frustrated that they had to crop their stunning photos down to squares that cut out a large portion of the shot and compromised the composition. To compensate for this, many users have been using third-party apps that border their image with white space that makes it fit in the square while maintaining the original portrait or landscape layout of the photo. Instagram has maintained the streamlined feel of your personal feed by showing photos in the traditional square until you click on them to reveal the format you’ve chosen. When you scroll through the feed of users you follow, you can see their portrait or landscape images with the same speed and clarity as the former all-square posts.

Although the update is supposed to apply to both iOS and Android, many Android users are still experiencing problems as the layout option feature is notably missing. Hopefully, Instagram will address this in another update soon, but there has been no mention of bug-fixing update yet.

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Featured image from Instagram.com