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Imaginative Photographer Edy Hardjo Reveals the Human Side of Superheroes

March 3, 2015 9:07 am

For Marvel Comic fans, witnessing the 360-degree shot of The Avengers team standing back to back during the battle of New York in The Avengers movie was a momentous, breath-catching cinematic event. At last, all the character introductions during separate movies culminated in that epic shot showing the unstoppable unification of a powerful team. Yet some fans still wonder: what do The Avengers do when they’re not saving the world from an alien invasion? The end of The Avengers movie showed them enjoying some shawarma following their amazing victory, but an inventive photographer has taken that many steps further.

Photographer Edy Hardjo decided to show The Avengers and other superheroes doing everyday activities that reveal their more “human” side. He accomplished this feat using action figures, clever photo editing, and his own quirky imagination. In his photographs, Hardjo blends Marvel and DC superheroes in situations that are anything but world-saving.

Edy Hardjo’s photographs include images portraying Wolverine and Hulk helping Batman fix the Batcycle, Avengers members and Wolverine action figures trying to figure out Instagram on a phone almost as big as they are, and a colorful collection of superheroes playing hopscotch using Thor’s hammer as the stone.

Edy Hardjo Flat Tire image

Image by Edy Hardjo

Edy Hardjo Instagram

Image by Edy Hardjo

Edy Hardjo hopscotch

Image by Edy Hardjo

Hardjo’s creativity shows the lighter side of superheroes in images that are amusing, curious, and even a little scandalous (like the featured image above…).

Edy Hardjo cafeteria

Image by Edy Hardjo

View more of Edy Hadrjo’s original images on Facebook and Instagram.