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How to Snap Better iPhone Pictures

With iPhone images becoming the most uploaded images on the planet and having their own exhibitions, it’s time to explore the pro level camera possibilities of these multipurpose smartphones. Although the iPhone camera has a small sensor, it’s a high-quality camera that’s always on hand, inspires creativity, encourages spontaneity and has the capability to create printable files. As true with legal methenolone enanthate online any camera, the quality of the images captured depends largely on the expertise of the photographer and with a few insightful tips, you can utilize your iPhone’s full picture-taking capabilities for images of the highest quality.

Use the right apps

When choosing a photography app for your iPhone, select one that renders images in 8MB or larger, which is the native resolution of an iPhone. If the app doesn’t state that it has native resolution, then it probably doesn’t and you need to keep looking. Look in the app preferences for an image resolution setting because some apps render files in 8MB, but have a quality of 500k.

Keep it with you

With iPhone’s superior image capturing capabilities, always keep it with you because you never know when the perfect shot may happen. Using your iPhone for spontaneous photos is more practical than lugging around camera gear everywhere you go.

Prepare for long exposure

To achieve the correct exposure in low light, remember that it will take the iPhone longer to capture the shot and trying to hold the phone while shooting can lead to blurred images. Be prepared with a pocket tripod or small, flexible tripod.

Get close

Although you can zoom on your iPhone, this telephoto effect diminishes the quality of the images. A better option is to get as close to your subject matter as possible for high quality pictures. You can also try an accessory lens that mounts to the iPhone.

Save battery life

If you expect to use your iPhone for a large amount of photography, you’ll need to save battery life. Easy ways to do this include closing open apps, turning off location services and turning off Wi-Fi. To recharge on the go, consider purchasing a case that also serves as a power supply.

Practice processing

When using apps for post-shoot processing, try to remember the steps you took and the apps you used. Practice processing all types of images on your iPhone until achieving the perfect photograph becomes second nature.

The process for capturing great images with your iPhone is similar to the one required for any other camera and with the superior photo abilities of the iPhone, you always have easy access to quality photo gear. When you’re ready to create your own exhibition of iPhone photos, contact Baboo Digital for printing, framing and mounting in NYC.

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