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How to Sell Your Art and Photography to Interior Designers

November 30, 2014 12:38 pm

how to sell your photography and art to interior designers

Aside from finding inspiration and subject matter, one of the biggest challenges any painter, photographer, or other artist faces is finding buyers for their creations. With so many people now claiming to be photographers simply because they can operate a digital camera, the photography market can be an especially difficult area in which to gain a presence. Interior designers far outnumber art galleries in the U.S. That fact makes it ideal to keep interior designers on the list of prospective buyers and investors for photographers and other artists.

Expansive Interior Designer Market

While galleries often struggle to stay in business with so many mass market photographs and paintings available in retail stores, the interior designer market is vast and always in need of original pieces for their clients. It’s an admirable aspiration to become a highly sought after artist or photographer with pieces commissioned by top buyers, but if no one ever sees the pieces, making a sale is difficult. With some research into what interior designers are currently seeking for clients, painters and photographers can fulfill those needs, increase sales, and receive public recognition of their work.

Working with Interior Designers

Photographers and artists have to approach collaboration with an interior designer with an attitude of flexibility. What the interior designer is currently seeking may bear no resemblance to current work on an easel or the digital photographs on a camera or computer. However, through collaboration with the interior designer, an artist or photographer can create or pull from their portfolio an initial piece based on certain specifications and then modify it to suit the design requirements. An interior designer’s canvas can be a single room or an entire home and he or she needs pieces that fit in with the main elements of the design. The designer is looking to satisfy her client’s desires with the right photography and artwork.

Part of the journey, not necessarily the destination

Selling photography and artwork to interior designers is a good way to sell work and get it noticed, but it’s not necessarily the most lucrative market destination for artists. When interior designers use photography and artwork in their designs, it’s often just a detail in the overall design and not the focal point. There are occasions when a designer needs a large piece of over a mantel, in an entryway, or on a large wall and at those times, the artwork receives unique lighting and attention.

Nonetheless, this is more of an exception than a rule and artists can’t expect a steady demand for their work in such applications. An especially important consideration is that the interior designer has a certain budget that he or she is working in and if an artist’s work doesn’t fit within that range, then it’s not a viable choice. Working with interior designers can be a good avenue to explore when trying to establish a name as an artist or photographer but it can also be frustrating because it’s impossible to know the exact composition, size, and subject matter a designer will most desire.

Utilizing a huge potential market

In order to be successful, photographers and artists need to sell their pieces and interior designers represent a huge potential market. Having work featured inside a home or business space is a good outlet to explore for photographers and artists as they also continue to work toward having their work featured on a gallery wall. Those with the imagination to capture the perfect moment on film or canvas are certain to find the best way to utilize the interior design market to their best advantage.