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How to Convert 35mm To Digital And Why

Geographic and emotional experiences fill our lives. Life is just an adventure or a journey we take, and our photographic history archives that journey.

Do you know that those precious photos stuffed away in that shoebox in the closet are starting to fade away? 35mm negatives are delicate, easily damaged, and fragile. Not even the most reliable storage methods can protect your negatives from aging, fading, and discoloration.

If you could preserve your baby’s toothless grin forever or relive your wedding day with a click of a mouse, would you? These things are possible. Find out why you should convert 35mm to digital and how.

Why Convert 35mm To Digital

Preserve Cherished Moments

Digital images do not discolor, get torn, fade or scratch. Neither are they destroyed by acids or substances present in plastics or papers. Digital images are reproducible from one medium to another without losing quality or changing.

Digital images last for longer than negatives. If cared for, your photo collections can weather the ages in perfect shape. Although digital storage mediums may not last forever, images stored in them are transferable to new media without losing quality. That gives you an opportunity to pass down cherished memories from one generation to another.

Institutions such as museums, libraries and universities usually archive important information in state-of-the-art storage facilities and keep copies at different locations. Any sign of data loss triggers reproduction of new copies. You too can do the same.

Organize Your Photo Collection

When you convert 35mm negatives to digital, you say no to digging through piles of photos again. Digitizing photos are easy to find. In most cases, digitizing companies organize your collection in your preferred format.

Modern software allows you to view all your photos with ease. It is even possible to categorize digital photos by person, date, month or year. Finding group photos takes a few clicks.

Share Cherished Memories

With the internet, you can access your photos from virtually anywhere. You can even share family photos. In fact, you can choose to set up cloud storage with online backup and sharing services. If you live in L.A and your sister or brother lives in New York, both of you can view, edit, email and share photos over the internet.


Like getting creative? Or scrapbook? Be a guru of your personal digital darkroom. Unlike 35mm negatives, digital photos are easy to be creative with. Get rid of flaws, paint your grandfathers face or remove a distracting object. Edit without limitations.

How to Convert 35mm to Digital

Scanning your negatives converts them to digital. Scanners are like ordinary cameras; their job is to record an image. They come in different sizes and perform a wide range of functions; some are able to scan negatives.

Baboo drum scanning alternative creates archival quality, high-resolution scans that derive and preserve subtle minute details in negatives. Digital files produced during drum scanning are extremely detailed, and images produced in print sizes are rich in colors, depth, and remarkable sharpness. You can also generate digital images of your original art to incorporate in your catalog with film art scanning. Call us at 646-681-5346 or fill in our contact form to get a quote.


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