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How You Can Make Money Creating Prints of Your Artwork

Many artists do not think about creating prints of their work. They sell their original pieces and take commissions but don’t reflect on how else they can use their artwork. If you’re an artist, you can use your work in many different ways. Not only can you create high-quality glossy prints, but you can put your images on other products too. When it comes to creating prints, many artists choose to make their own. They buy a quality printer for their home and decide to produce the prints with the paper and ink they purchase. However, this can be an expensive venture. You might not like the quality of your prints, and the supplies might be costly.

Before you decide to make your own prints, consider the easy process of using a professional printing service.

Decide What to Print

Not all your artwork might be suitable for turning into prints. Before you make any prints, you should consider what will print well. It should look almost as good on printed paper or other material than the original. If the original piece has raised elements or perhaps is very dark, it might not come out so well as a print. You also need to think about what will sell. You don’t want to produce lots of prints that no one wants. One of the benefits of using a professional printer is that they can advise you how your art might come out in print.

Research Professional Printers

If you want to use a printing service, you need to be able to understand them first. You don’t have to know all the ins and outs of their processes. However, it helps to become familiar with some different terms and methods. You should have a look at the various types of printing that some local or online printers offer you. A good printer will have a website with plenty of information for you to read or watch. They should be able to explain the advantage and drawbacks of different printing materials and methods. Before long, you will understand which types of printing are suitable for your art.

Of course, as well as the services they offer, you need to look at other aspects of a printing service. You should check out their reviews and find out about the quality of their products and service.

Choose the Type of Print

You also need to decide what kind of print will work best for you. In your research of printers, you should have learned about some different methods. The wonderful thing about a professional printer is that they can offer you several different services. An at-home printer will likely only print onto paper. You could print your art onto metal, canvas, or matte and glossy paper or card.

Once you have decided on a type of printing, you should pick a size. Printers offer a range of sizes that will suit you so you can give your customers options. They could be postcard-sized or huge posters.

Using a professional printing service is the best way to create quality prints to sell. If you want to earn more from your artwork, cheaper reproduction prints can make your art go further.

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