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The Benefits of Giclee on Canvas Printing

Giclée (pronounced Zee-clay), is a term that references the method of printing. In French, gicleur translates to “nozzle.” So the verb tense, gicler, translates to “spray.”

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee printing is a process that uses nozzle printing technology in tandem with special pigments that are resistant to fading. Specifically, archival inks and substrates are used in giclee printing.

What is Giclee Printing Used For?

The high-quality results from Giclee printing make it especially suitable for digital photography and two-dimensional artwork. This is because of the realistic and multi-dimensional properties of the combination of archival pigments and canvas.

What are the Benefits of Giclee on Canvas?

First, it’s important to understand that giclee is the most advanced form of digital printing available today. Through the use of technology, giclee printing offers artists and photographers the most realistic print translations of their artwork.

Archival Quality

Archival pigments used by Baboo Digital ensure that giclee prints on canvas remain as vibrant and true to life as the day they were printed. With standard canvas, even high-quality inks can’t withstand the rigors of age, the sun, and air moisture that time brings about.

With this comprehensive archival quality, your painting or photographic image can be enjoyed for years to come. In many cases, giclee printing on canvas lasts 100 years or more with proper care. Your Baboo Digital printing representative can advise you on the best care and maintenance of your giclee printing on canvas work of art, but it’s advised to avoid direct sunlight and excess of moisture.

Depth and Realism

The combination of special pigments, archival materials and unique giclee printing process all work together to create the most realistic artistic digital translation of your artwork that is available today. You and your viewers will appreciate the depth that is inherent in giclee on canvas prints. The result is a piece of art or imagery that inspires long gazes and introspection into the piece. There are so much depth and realism in giclee on canvas prints that it’s almost like looking at the real thing. It’s no wonder that many professional artists and painters rely on giclee on canvas printing by Baboo Digital to portray their work in the best possible reproducible way.

Authentic Reproductions

Though photography and painting are personal, artistic passions, there is added enjoyment when the artist can reproduce one piece of art multiple times, all with the original quality intact. With giclee on canvas printing at Baboo Digital, your original artwork will lose nothing in its multiple translations for resale in the art world. Each reproduction will be an authentic representation that does justice to the original brush strokes, use of color and artistic eye of the artist. With giclee on canvas printing, an artist or photographer can make unlimited sales of original artwork. Even better, each purchaser of a giclee on canvas print can enjoy a work of art that is as beautiful and stunning as the original.

Your artwork deserves the special printing and finishing of giclee on canvas printing. Why not contact us today to find out how easy it is to turn your digital artwork into canvas masterpieces?

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