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Where to Print in NYC – Get Digital Prints from Baboo Digital

November 26, 2013 8:00 am

Are you trying to find where to print in NYC? Specifically, where to get digital prints in NYC? Baboo’s got what you need!!

Here’s a list of links. Click what you’re looking for!!

Digital Photographic Prints

To produce the highest quality photographic prints available for large format printing from digital artwork, we rely on our Durst Lambda digital photographic printer. The Lambda produces exceptionally high-quality commercial prints and exhibition enlargements on silver halide photographic paper. The Lambda can generate a maximum print size of 50 inches wide by 164 feet long. It uses lasers similar to those used by Lightjet printers, printing directly from your digital file to produce a staggering array of continuous tones on silver-halide photographic paper, yielding a digital Type C print. Read more.

Giclee and Fine Art Printing

Giclee, the process of making copies from fine art, has a unique benefit that the colors will never run or fade. The giclee is identical in color to the original, and some of these prints are even capable of fooling even the trained eye, the quality of prints on canvas is remarkable. Read more.

Mounting, Framing, and Laminating

We specialize in producing high-quality museum-grade products, and our finishing department is one of the most experienced in Manhattan; equipped to meet all of your needs. Figuring out the best way to “finish” your project can be a daunting task. Here at Baboo, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate the decision-making process with all of the knowledge and experience at our disposal. Read more.

Gallery Plexi

Plexiglas mounting makes your photos truly shine. For home and art gallery displays we highly recommend our custom, polished edged Plexiglas® mounting. The Gallery Plexi mount gives you a contemporary look that adds beauty to any room. Unlike traditional back-mounting, our face-mounting technique ensures that your print will never lift at the corners or become damaged by handling, even after years of use. Read more.

Film and Art Scanning

An authentic reproduction requires a state-of-the-art scanning system. Our extensive array of scanning solutions enables you to choose the option that best suits your needs. Whether you are archiving hundreds of slides, flat art scanning, or drum scanning an 8×10″ transparency for wide format output, we have the solution to fit your needs. Read more.

Photolab Services

Over the last 33 years, Baboo has provided the highest quality in photographic services to consumers, professional photographers and corporations alike. Our “clean and consistent” philosophy has served our customers well, and our reputation speaks for itself. Baboo is staffed with some of the finest & experienced technicians in the industry. Feel confident when having your film developed with us, we deliver high-end results. Read more.

Signs and Graphics

Baboo is your one-stop-shop when it comes to floor graphics, window graphics, wall graphics, cut vinyl, banners, posters, and decals. Our top of the line, high-resolution printers keep us ahead of the pack when it comes to quality and satisfaction. We can help to bring your graphics to life with rich text and full-color graphics. Read more.

To Once Again Answer the Question, “Where to Print in NYC?”

If you’re looking trying to determine where to print in NYC and where to buy digital prints in NYC, we’d love to hear from you!!



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