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Get a Grip with the Gekkopod Flexible Tripod

June 16, 2015 11:07 am

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As a photographer, you’ve experienced times when your normal tripod is too big and your smaller, twisted leg tripod just can’t get into the right position for your desired shot. There’s now a solution to your dilemma in the Gekkopod. Gekkopod is a mobile tripod that resembles a peculiar five-legged creature, but has a wide range of uses. Whether you need to mount your smartphone, camcorder, or compact camera, the Gekkopod makes it easy with five flexible arms that wrap around almost any solid object.

Not your average tripod

While the Gekkopod is similar to other flexible tripods, it comes in a much more compact size. The Gekkopod is a lightweight, rubberized camera mount with five arms that are functional, flexible and strong. The Gekkopod has a standard camera screw in the center of its body so you can attach it to your camera’s tripod mount and there are adapters for smartphone mounting and action camcorders available. Although you could attach a compact lens camera, it works best with lighter cameras.

gekkopod dimensions

Multifunctional flexibility

Gekkopod’s five arms are bendable into whatever position you need, which means it’s ideal for multiple functions. Gekkopod adapts easily to various applications including shaping it into a chair for you smartphone for video calls, wrapping the arms around a pole for a DIY “selfie stick” or folding the arms down to turn it into a handheld grip for stabilization. Along with the central location, there’s also a hole on one of the Gekkopod arms for the tripod screw so you can mount your camera on one arm while the other four arms grasp your chosen object. For tilting and turning, the Gekkopod makers offer an optional Ballhead accessory that attaches to the tripod screw for 360-degree movement. Storing the Gekkopod is easy as you can wrap it around a camera bag strap, camera, or backpack for convenient access on the go.

Getting a grip on a Gekkopod

Kickstarter funding for the Gekkopod has reached the desired goal and initial worldwide shipments for it begin in October 2015. Anyone who pledges $20 by July 2, 2015 receives a device in a choice of three glow-in-the-dark colors and that includes the standard tripod screw, an action camcorder mount and the adaptable mount for smartphones. The optional Ballhead accessory costs an additional $5, but it’s still a considerable discount from the projected retail price after release. The Gekkopod is a versatile, useful and affordable accessory for your camera bag and you’re certain to come up with your own unique mounting applications.

With Gekkopod as part of your gear, you’ll be able to capture images in new ways that will have people wondering how you did it. Keep them guessing at the technique behind your stunning shots by using the vivid, high-quality digital printing services of Baboo Digital for all your photography imaging needs.