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Fine Art Scanning Serves the Art World

October 9, 2017 8:00 am

Artists and art aficionados understand that fine art carries an inherent depth of color and tone, which is difficult to duplicate, even with high-resolution cameras. There is often need to replicate fine art in a digital form to a high-quality standard. Baboo Digital offers fine art scanning services for artists and professionals in the art world.

Digital Scanning Services For Artists

Artists heavily utilize the fine art scanning services of Baboo Digital because they recognize the fundamental practical and aesthetic value. With digital scanning services, artists can submit art to Baboo Digital in a variety of forms including; canvas, negative, transparency, print and slide. The work is then scanned using either drum scanning, Kodak scanning or flatbed scanning methods, depending on the requirements and the artist’s preference. This creates a digital work that is ready for mass-reproduction, according to the needs of the artist.

How Artists Use Digital Scans

There are several ways that artists use the scanned fine art they receive from Baboo Digital. Scanned art files can be used to replicate print images for resale. They can also be used online to demonstrate an artist’s mastery of fine art, as in an online portfolio. Digital fine art scanning can be used to build beautiful composite images and mosaics. They are sometimes even used by graphic artists to populate image-rich websites. In essence, fine art scanning helps artists to bring into being possibilities that were once only in their imagination.

Fine Art Scanning Services

Fine art scanning services are also used extensively by organizations that support the arts in a complementary role. These organizations, such as libraries, auction houses, art galleries, museums, and foundations, use fine art scanning services of Baboo Digital to preserve and protect both the old and new fine art of the world. Auction houses, in particular, use fine art scanning to produce accurate portrayals of fine art pieces in their catalogs for collectors and other interested parties to review before bidding. Museums, like the Museum of Modern Art, utilize fine art scanning services to assist in the indexing of fine art of the modern age. Art galleries value fine art scanning services for their ability to facilitate inventory control and sales functionality in a business environment.

Fine Art Scanner Options

The fine art scanner services offered by Baboo Digital include Drum scanning, Kodak scanning, and flatbed scanning. Drum scanning captures the highest resolution from the original image. Kodak scanning can be used with any image up to a maximum of 100 mb to create digital, print-ready images that are delivered to customers on CD. Flatbed scanning is ideal for scanning canvas or other original artwork up to a maximum of 42” by 144”. The high-resolution results are sufficient for most purposes, and Baboo Digital can work with clients to ensure the desired resolution and maximum quality.

There are so many reasons why fine art scanning is now considered an indispensable resource tool for artists, art aficionados, and the art world in general, in today’s digital age. For more information, contact Baboo Digital.