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Finding Photography Inspiration on Pinterest

April 16, 2015 3:39 pm

Pinterest users know how much time just seems to vanish when they’re browsing through pins for everything from recipes to humor, but for photographers, Pinterest can be a valuable tool for finding image inspiration. Using Pinterest properly for photography inspiration takes some practice and the ability to limit your time browsing so you have more time to actually shoot pictures.

Find your style, not someone else’s

One of the downfalls with using Pinterest for photography inspiration, is having a client ask you to copy the exact pose, backdrop, and processing style of a pin they found. While imitation is sometimes flattering, stealing another photographer’s work is not, so it’s best to use suggested pins as more abstract guidelines. Browsing through the Photography category on Pinterest is a great way to help you discover and expand your personal photography style as you examine what appeals to you and what turns you off in certain images. Even if you specialize in a certain type of photography such as children or weddings, it’s important to look through other types of photography pins such as landscapes and architectural because they can show you creative lighting styles and backgrounds.

Track details with captions

When you find an image you like on Pinterest and decide to add it to a public or private board, take the time to leave yourself detailed comments in the captions. Identify what it is about the photo that appeals to you such as the lighting, emotion or composition and make notes before you pin it. If the image doesn’t already have it, include the original photographer’s name on the caption to give proper credit and to help you identify artists that inspire you.

manhattan skyscraper framed in bridge

Image courtesy of New York City Feelings

Review your boards regularly

Go back through your boards periodically and look carefully over the image you’ve pinned to your inspiration boards. Find the common denominators among them to help evaluate the style that most appeals to you. If there are several images of a genre you’ve never tried before, perhaps it’s time to challenge yourself by improving your skills in that area. While some of the images you’ve pinned may truly be random selections, it’s highly likely that there’s some uniting theme among them. Giving them another look can be exactly what you need to spark fresh creativity.

Practice what you pin

Pinning endlessly is a popular pastime for many people these days, but you need to put forth the effort and practice the photography styles that you pin. Once you’ve established styles that you like, do more research into proper techniques and go out to try new things. Actually practicing shooting the styles that you like is one of best ways to learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you find yourself struggling with something, go back to your Pinterest boards and re-examine pinned images to understand better the exact effect you’re trying to achieve.

After you’ve captured images inspired by Pinterest boards, create a photographic board of your own by framing and mounting your work with Baboo Digital’s variety of printing services. A Pinterest board on your technical gadget is great, but displaying your work on the wall of your home is a brighter, more vivid example of what inspires you.