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Exhibit Your Images with a Gallery Wall

March 5, 2015 1:40 pm

To preserve and protect the beauty of your artwork and photographs, you’ve invested in custom framing and mounting and now face the task of displaying your collection in a stylish manner. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this task is by creating a gallery wall (or two) to serve as an in-home exhibit where you and your guests can enjoy your unique images.

Gather your work

While you diligently frame your favorite artwork and photography, if you don’t hang it right away, you’ve probably stashed it in closets or spare rooms. Pull all of your pieces out of storage and gather them in one place so you can compare the image motifs, colors, and sizes and view the various frame styles you’ve selected for the pieces. Along with your own creations, incorporate paintings, prints, photographs, and even mirrors that you’ve collected from your favorite artists and designers through the years. Mixing your images with those of famous artists lends a true art gallery look to the collection. Mix various size pieces to create depth, interest and to carry the focus along the wall once everything is on display. Don’t worry if your collection seems overwhelming, the idea is to have double the pieces that can over the wall so you can switch things up as you organize the gallery wall.

Select the wall

Any large expanse of empty wall is ideal for creating an in-home, gallery-style image exhibit. Consider lining the stairway wall for a display that draws the eye upward and adds sophistication to the architectural feature. Line the foyer walls with your collection to create a grand entrance that invites guests inside and lends a welcoming feel. Bring warmth and style to the living room with a gallery above the sofa or fireplace. Think outside the normal parameters by hanging your collection in a corner where framed images continue from one wall to the adjoining wall. Whatever wall you choose, ensure that the location compliments your interior design and reflects your personality.

Conquer the layout

One of the most daunting parts about creating a gallery wall is figuring out the best layout for your images. Look over all the framed artwork and photographs gathered and edit out pieces until you achieve a cohesive, harmonious selection. To help with this process, follow these helpful suggestions:

  • Group by color palette – Choose a color palette and group images accordingly, incorporating neutral themed pieces where it feels appropriate.
  • Group by frame style – If you don’t like the palette idea, group pieces together with similar frames. This allows you to use a wider variation of colors without losing the cohesive look of the gallery wall.
  • Paper planning – Instead of hanging and re-hanging pieces until you have the look you want, use painters tape to hang up pieces of paper that represent the size and shape of the framed items and rearrange them to get a visual plan of layout. To get a sense of color, scale and theme, take pictures of your pieces, print them in color and tack them up on the papers. This way you can work out the best arrangement without putting endless holes in the wall.
  • Size arrangement – When you have a large wall as a work surface, choose your biggest piece and position it in the center or off to the bottom side, depending on your desired arrangement. Work outward from that image until you achieve visual balance.
  • Consistent spacing – Keep the space between painting and photograph frames consistent to avoid a disjointed appearance. Take into account frame sizes, as thicker ones require more space to breathe.

Hang the collection

Once you have the planning paper and snapshots in the ideal arrangement, it’s time to remove the paper roadmap and hang your collection. As you’re hanging photos and paintings, step back periodically to make sure the arrangement still works for you and don’t be afraid to change it up as you go. Don’t rush the process as achieving a visually appealing gallery wall can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days. View the gallery wall as a work in progress and feel free to change out your selections when have new framed artwork and photographs worthy of being on exhibit.

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