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Drum Scans, Kodak Scan, And Flat Art Scans, Oh My!

July 26, 2016 9:38 am

These days, we live in a digital age. When we take a photograph, it gets stored on a memory card in our cameras. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. It was once commonplace to record photos onto film. And it’s something that many photographers still do today.

There is often a need to transfer images from those analog storage methods. When transferring to a digital scan, several considerations must be made. One of them is, of course, the preservation of the film quality, resolution and colors.

Drum Scans

Unlike today’s home flatbed scanners, drum scans offer the ideal method to achieve that goal. Baboo Digital’s drum scanning service boasts high-quality, high-resolution scans. It provides detailed scans where every element of the original film gets preserved.

Our drum scanning service will also capture shadows, highlights, and high-contrast edges. For the highest resolution and clarity when scanning from analog film, a drum scan is the best option. Baboo Digital can scan from both black and white and color film.

Kodak Scan

In the 90s, Kodak launched a revolutionary way to transfer film images into a digital format. The Pro-CD system was a system that photo laboratories could use to digitize all analog films. One could do so with both transparencies and film negatives.

When people wanted to view those images, they needed to use a Kodak playback device. Such technology allowed people to look at those images on their home TVs.

Kodak Pro-CD files are like drum scan ones. The only difference is that one must use Kodak equipment to view them. Because of their proprietary nature, one cannot open those digital files on today’s computers.

Baboo Digital offers a Kodak Scan service. In a nutshell, it allows customers to have images up to 100 Mb in size converted into print-ready files. We provide a solution for people that need to edit those images without loss of quality, clarity or color.

Also, our award-winning DIGITAL ICE technology automatically corrects surface defects from all scanned images.

Flat Art Scans

Of course, analog imagery doesn’t just come in transparency and film negative formats. It can take other forms too, one of which is flat art.

Let’s say that you have some breathtaking artwork that you would like to digitize. Perhaps you run an art gallery and want an electronic copy of your artwork to put on your website. Or maybe you’d like electronic versions for cataloging and insurance purposes. You might even want a copy just for the screensaver on your computer!

Baboo Digital provides a high-resolution flatbed scanning service for flat art. We have the technology at our disposal to scan artwork up to 42 inches wide by 144 inches long. What’s more, our precision flatbed scanners can scan 300 or 600 dpi resolutions. The result? You get to enjoy perfect scans with exceptional detail!

Do you need higher resolution imagery for your projects? If so, don’t worry because we can still help! Contact us today for more information about any of the services listed.

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