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Drones Take Photography to New Heights

March 10, 2015 8:00 am

The use of drones to capture amazing photographs and videos continues to grow in popularity, but the history of drones includes far less recreational endeavors. Drones have their origin in military applications as the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, goes back to the 1800’s. Original UAVs were explosive-laden balloons used by the Austrians to attack Venice in 1849. Over the years, their military use increased and evolved as innovative drone technology aided with surveillance and attacks. A drone’s tireless ability to function in a variety of temperatures and terrains via remote control eventually led to the development of commercially available units that became fast favorite pieces of gear for pro and amateur photographers and videographers.

High-flying possibilities

Thanks to the drone industries opening up their business and products to the public, there’s now an impressive variety of quality tech available that’s more affordable than previous counterparts. There are drone models that fit any budget and for those serious about drone photography, also called dronography, one of the high-flying units represents a required gear investment. With drones, photographers capture shots from a bird’s eye view and are able to obtain images safely in all sorts of situations, including field reporting for photojournalists.

Using drones for photography

Beyond human abilities

Drone photography and videography has a number of artistic applications including capturing animals in flight, filming events and landmarks from high above, and revealing the world at an entirely new angle. In the hands of a professional photographer, a drone becomes an invaluable tool as they apply their knowledge of lighting, angles, and composition to the shots taken. Viewing the images taken by pros and amateurs alike is enough to inspire anyone and remind us just how incredible everything looks when seen from high above.