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Disable Auto Review Function to Improve Photography Skills

August 17, 2015 2:15 pm

Today’s auto review function on camera phones, pocket cameras and DSLR cameras have trained most people to instantly review their picture to see what it looks like. It’s become a natural part of photography for many people as most cameras come with the auto review feature set to on by default. However, always using the auto review function can become a crutch that prevents photographers from expanding their photography skills and that along with a few other good reasons, makes turning the function off periodically a true artist’s asset.

Improve photography confidence

Disabling the auto review function on the camera can make anyone a nervous wreck as they worry about the exposure and framing and wonder if they even got the shot. Nonetheless, when photographers quiet those fears and worries and start working with the auto review function disabled, it enables them to start trusting their instincts again and build their confidence. Instead of checking the screen after every shot, photographers can pay closer attention to their subject matter and surroundings and hone their skills with framing, composition, exposure settings and light meter readings. The good news is that when a photographer wants to check their pictures while still on a shoot, they can review them all at once with just the press of a button.

Better presence in the moment

Today everyone seems to be constantly checking their phone whether they’re at work, home or out among friends and this lack of engagement in the moment is similar to what happens to photographers who rely on auto review. By eliminating the dependency on the auto review function, photographers can be more present in the moment and engaged in the events around them. During a shoot, the subject matter should be the main focus of the session and constantly going from taking a photo to looking down at the screen makes it seem like the camera is more important than what’s actually going on. Repeatedly checking images with auto review takes precious seconds away from photographers who should be enjoying and capturing the scenery around them. Studies even suggest that people who spend an entire event snapping pictures are less likely to remember important details of the event when compared to those who didn’t take any pictures during the event.

Restores the feeling of film photography

Many of today’s budding photographers may never have worked with actually film, but for those that have, they can easily remember the days of waiting days or weeks to see how the photos came out. That waiting created an anticipation and excitement that no longer exists with today’s digital cameras and instant photos. By resisting the urge to use auto review, today’s photographers can restore that feeling of using film and wait until they get back to the studio to review the images captured on their SD card. This can help make visual artists more intentional photographers as they carefully consider the images they want to capture and how they want to do so. Even if the shots don’t come out quite as planned, it serves as a learning experience that photographers can use to improve their photography skills. This doesn’t mean that photographers should never review their shots on site, especially when they’re professionals who do jobs for money, but it’s important to know when reviewing is necessary and when it’s not.

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Featured image by Jimmy Smith