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Utilizing Digital Printing For Trade Shows

November 6, 2017 8:00 am

For anyone who has ever attended a trade show, it’s easy to see which booths and vendors are popular: those are the booths attracting large crowds of people. Although the trade shows can vary from tech expos to flower and garden trade shows, the most attractive (aka popular) booths have one thing in common: alluring displays that both catch onlookers’ attention while indicating who the vendor is. One way to offer information to passersby while attracting people to come closer is through digital printing.

Benefits of utilizing digital printing for trade shows

Just as there are numerous types of trade shows, there are numerous benefits of incorporating digital printing into your trade show display.

  • Get your name out there: If a potential client doesn’t even know who you are, they probably won’t stop. Banners are a staple in the trade show world for this very reason.
  • Display information: Are you a photographer who needs digital prints displayed to show samples of your work? Maybe you’re a realtor who needs a poster of your success rate selling houses under 90 days? Perhaps you’re a gardener and need a poster of seasonally appropriate plants for Zone 5? Regardless of what your profession is, digital printing can help you present information and graphics in a professional manner.
  • Proper format: Printing large products – whether on paper or vinyl – can turn into a disaster if not done properly. When images are stretched to large sizes, they can appear blurred or “pixelated .” Utilizing professional digital printing services ensures that your images are sized correctly, which means your digital prints will create a beautiful display at your next trade show.

How does digital printing affect your business?

Digital printing can affect your business both at the trade show and after.

  • At the trade show: Digital printing – from banners to posters – can enhance the business you receive while at the trade show. Because professionally printed materials make you look more professional, potential clients will also see you as a more reliable, trustworthy vendor. For trade show booths that sell products or services on the spot, looking professional can mean the difference between a sale and an “I’ll think about it.”
  • After the trade show: Yes, digital printing can positively affect your business even once the trade show is long over. First, high-quality digital printing (such as the banner) will leave an impression with potential clients. Second, digitally printed products that the potential clients take home will leave them with a sample of what you can offer. Perhaps you are a gardener, and you host a raffle at the trade show for a printed image of your best rose. Your potential client will now see the potential of what you have to offer; this can create opportunities for more interactions even after the trade show.

How can digital printing help you at your next trade show?

What trade shows do you attend? If you have an idea for incorporating digital printing in your next trade show display, contact us for a quote!