Digital Photographic Prints

Matte & Glossy

Matte C-prints
Baboo offers large format matte C-prints, which are similar to other photos, except that the paper used for prints isn’t glossy and shiny so the finish is more subtle. This flat finished photo paper is ideal for creating a professional look on photography, artwork and commercial media projects, especially black and white images. Matte prints don’t reflect light, which makes them easily viewable in all light conditions. Our matte digital C-prints print on fade-resistant archival paper and on metallic archival paper stocks.

Glossy prints
Glossy photo prints have the familiar shiny finish of traditionally printed photographs. The vibrant colors and crisp, sharp images of glossy prints have various applications for photographic, fine art or commercial media projects.

Metallic C-Prints

Metallic C-Prints utilize photographic paper with a glossy, metallic finish to create accurate color reproduction and rich, sharp text. The special pigmentation of the metallic photographic paper gives images a depth previously unavailable in print materials. Metallic C-Prints possess unprecedented sharpness, brightness, and color saturation, making them ideal for many applications. Metallic C-Prints are visually stunning without mounting or mounted to any number of substrates. With a glossy finish and metallic appearance, images appear as “Chrome on Paper” with depth, vibrant color, and flattering flesh tones.


A translucent-base color film, Kodak professional Duratrans material works well for large format prints with backlit displays. Duratrans images feature high color contrast, sharp text, vivid detail and vibrancy, which make them perfect for retail and display applications. The semi-opaque white base of this material is also ideal for use in lightboxes without a diffuser panel.